How To Save A GIF From Twitter?

You can save a GIF with your eyes shut, right? We mean, at a time when GIFs are greatly popular among netizens as a fun & appealing way to communicate, things around it are kept relatively easy. It’s a snap to download and save them from any given platform – simply tap right on the image and hit save.

However, trust Twitter to not go the usual (easy) way. It’s one platform where you can actually lose your touch when it’s about saving GIFs.

Here’s Why To Save GIF from Twitter Is A Little Different

The method of right-click-and-save doesn’t work on Twitter, because the platform converts animated GIFs into short video files to increase load times, and there’s no way you can save them directly.

So, if you’re a committed twitterati, you must be looking for hacks and workarounds to save GIFs from Twitter – on an iPhone, an Android device, or a computer.

Techies Junkyard is out with a detailed guide (updated for 2018) on saving GIFs on Twitter. If you’re here, you need not go anywhere else. So, let’s start!

Saving GIFs from Twitter – iPhone Hacks

This section quickly explains how to save GIFs on an iPhone with & without 3D Touch. Going ahead, you’ll also find a third method of using a downloader app. Check it out.

Saving GIFs from Twitter to iPhone (iOS 11 or Later)

What to do if you have got an iPhone with 3D Touch activated.

  • Deep-press on the GIF to activate 3D Touch.
  • This will make the GIF pop out a little.
  • Now, swipe up for the menu.
  • Select ‘Save Image’

What to do if you’ve an iPhone without 3D Touch.

  • Tap + Hold the image via Giphy.
  • Select Save Image. 

Saving GIFs from Twitter to iPhone (iOS 10 or Later)

Saving GIFs in iOS 11 is simpler than iOS 10. Why? Because, there’s a difference as to how GIFs appear in the Photos app of the respective OS versions. With significant changes to iOS 11, your iPhone can now support the animated GIFs, which previously appeared as still images in iOS 10.

What to do if you have an iPhone with 3D Touch activated.

  • Deep-press on the GIF to activate 3D Touch.
  • This will make the GIF pop out a little.
  • Now, swipe up for the menu.
  • Select ‘Save Image’

What to do if you have an iPhone without 3D Touch.

  • Tap + Hold the image via Giphy.
  • Select Save Image.

Note: Go to the Photos app to see how your saved GIFs are showing up. Don’t get irked if you see them as still images, because when you’ll be sending them to your contacts via Message or Mail, they will turn back into appealing, animated content.  

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Saving GIFs from Twitter on an iPhone via Downloader Apps – GIFwrapped

GIFwrapped is a very intuitive and handy GIF downloader for iPhones and has pretty much everything you need to get your passion rolling for Twitter GIFs. A free app, it connects directly to your Twitter account, allows you to save GIFs in the GIFwrapped vault, and sync your collection to DropBox.

Moreover, you can use the bundled message app to share GIFs with your contacts on a tap. There are absolutely no hassles involved. You can read the remaining details about the app here.

Here’s how you can save GIFs from Twitter via GIFwrapped.

  • Find the GIF you wish to save.
  • Once found, tap and hold for the menu to show up.
  • Select save to GIFwrapped and then copy the url.
  • Open the GIFwrapped app and put the url into the search bar.
  • Once the GIF is found you can save the GIF to the vault, from where you can automatically sync it to the cloud.
  • In case you don’t want to save, you can directly share the GIF with friends straight from the Twitter app by selecting Share Image option.

Saving GIFs from Twitter: Android Hacks

Things might be flexible for Android users across the smartphone culture, but not when it comes to saving Twitter GIFs. For downloading and saving GIFs from Twitter, they need downloader apps, like Tweet2Gif and +Download 4 Instagram Twitter.


Steps to Save GIFs from Twitter Using Tweet2Gif

  • Create a Tweet by clicking the GIF option. And, search for the one you want to save.
  • Once it’s selected, tap on GIPHY option below.
  • This will give you the GIF link. Copy it.
  • Open Tweet2Gif app and paste it over there.
  • Select ‘Download’.
  • The GIF will be saved to Google Photos.

Steps to Save GIFs from Twitter Using +Download 4 Twitter

  • Copy the URL of the GIF you want to download and save.
  • Now, open +Download app and Tap ↓ (down arrow) to download.
  • The GIF will get saved to Google Photos.

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Other popular GIF downloader apps are Loopagain and GIFME. You can try them as well.

Saving GIFs from Twitter on Mac or Other Computers

If you’re looking for saving GIFs from Twitter on Mac or Windows computer, there’s a tiny learning curve for you. The process takes a little longer but is completely doable. Here’s what you need to do.

  • In a first, download the MP4 file of the GIF on Twitter and convert it to GIF file. We’ll tell you how.
  • To download the MP4 file, copy the link of the GIF (Copy Link to Tweet), go to and paste it there.  
  • Alternatively, you can also use Twitter Video Downloader.
  • Now, you’ve to convert this MP4 file into GIF format again. For this, go to
  • Select the video from your computer by selecting ‘Choose Video’.
  • You aren’t required to fiddle with the settings much. However, for smoother animation, you can set FPS to 20 seconds. This will help you maintain a decent file size.
  • Click ‘Convert to GIF’ and the GIF will automatically get saved to your PC.

Reasons Why GIFs Are The Coolest Of The Web Culture

People, wanting to save GIFs from Twitter, is simply aiming at feeding the content in a rather amusing way. GIFs are cute, animated creatives that are self-explanatory of situations. At present, they are the most loved assets across the web and for a greater reason, or we might say reasons.

We’ve mentioned them below. Take a look.

  • GIFs are snippets with a great appeal and convey stories better than still images.
  • GIFs quickly take your point across. Less muss and fuss!
  • GIFs are very attractive and ensure better interaction. Chances are, you can fail to notice messages or images. But GIFs? Naaawwwww!

How To Download GIF From Twitter- Conclusion

All in all, GIFs add a pop of fun and cheer to our regular conversations, and are available on almost every platform to make our emotions come out as conspicuously as possible.

Well, that’s all for this guide to save a GIF from Twitter. For more such posts and updates, keep watching this space.

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