Want to delve into the feeling of nostalgia? If you are looking to revisit the days of past through the retro games, Game Boy Advance is the right choice for you. In its time, it was one of the most popular gaming consoles. GBA may have been phased out but a lot of gamers wish […]

Whatever Apple creates somehow almost always becomes desirable. Whether it’s a mobile device, tablet, computer, or simply an app, Apple’s glimpse of excellence is unavoidable. Facetime was supposed to be another video calling app when it was first introduced on the iOS platform. It wasn’t the first app of its kind and wasn’t also going […]

Welcome to the world of instant messaging, where messages are sent, delivered, and replied to instantly. Thanks to technology, the world now boasts of instant messaging apps like Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, and KIK. Also, you can get KIK for Windows 10 it will work on all Windows versions. This last one is of particular importance […]

Music has really evolved over the years; from days when composing a simple beat would entail an entire band of instrumentalists, to today when the same can be done via the click of a mouse. Actually, musicians, DJs, and other upcoming artists are increasingly relying on software to create world class music. Among some of […]