The world of videogaming has evolved quite dramatically. We have the high-end, heavy duty consoles like PS4 and Xbox One today. But, you don’t really have to own one of these expensive consoles to have fun. Thanks to the flash games, you can enjoy video gaming right on your computer or smartphone. What’s more incredible […]

When the talks are around real-time strategy games, Age of Empires is likely to be the first name to sweep across our minds. Age of Empires series has been synonymous to RTS gaming ever since its launch nearly 2 decades ago. Even today, it continues to be the favorite series of many. The developers have […]

We are living in the world where exposure to internet is inescapable. Internet is a huge cobweb of millions of computers connected together. It has helped converge the world and erase the geographical boundaries. But everything great also engenders some bad. While internet is full of possibilities, it is also the place where threats lurk […]

Discord, by far, is the most popular chat client for the game servers. Discord offers plenty of cool features to the server owners as well as the users. Setting up and managing discord is easy. But, when you have a lot of users on your server and various tasks to carry out, things could get […]

Elder Scrolls series has gifted us some fantastic open world games. Skyrim is undeniably the best installment from this series. This game offers to us the virtually unending world to explore. Skryim world is filled with quests, missions, and tons of adventures. You choose a character, develop its skills and abilities and evolve it into […]

“Android for PC” has been one of the most widely searched phrases on Google and other search engines. This clearly tells that lots of people worldwide are looking for ways to use Android platform on Windows. Thankfully, there is an easy and effective way to do it – Android emulators. As the name suggests, an […]

Statistically speaking, Google Chrome is the most widely used web browser across the world. Chrome is a simple, easy to use browser. But, don’t be deceived by its simple looks as it packs tons of useful features as well. And, in spite of being feature-rich, you can always extend Chrome’s functionality with the extensions. Chrome […]

Skyrim is a fantastic game with an awesome story line, incredible game play, excellent graphics, and more than hundred hours of fun. The game is highly addictive – one of the best role playing games ever to be made. But, even with all that, it has its limits. Once you have completed all the objectives […]