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Remote desktop tools let you access your files from anywhere, conduct online meetings with participants from anywhere in the world, and troubleshoot the computer or software issues remotely. Teamviewer is the most popular and best remote desktop application. But, it may not be the best choice for all types of users. For starters, it is […]

Most applications on your computer that need to use the webcam have the built-in support for webcams. If all you are looking for is a simple webcam feed, you do not need to install any extra utility on your computer. But, our needs often transcend the boundaries of ‘simplicity’ in the world crawling with technophiles. […]

We are living in the world where exposure to internet is inescapable. Internet is a huge cobweb of millions of computers connected together. It has helped converge the world and erase the geographical boundaries. But everything great also engenders some bad. While internet is full of possibilities, it is also the place where threats lurk […]

Discord, by far, is the most popular chat client for the game servers. Discord offers plenty of cool features to the server owners as well as the users. Setting up and managing discord is easy. But, when you have a lot of users on your server and various tasks to carry out, things could get […]

Statistically speaking, Google Chrome is the most widely used web browser across the world. Chrome is a simple, easy to use browser. But, don’t be deceived by its simple looks as it packs tons of useful features as well. And, in spite of being feature-rich, you can always extend Chrome’s functionality with the extensions. Chrome […]