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For many years, World of Warcraft has remained as one of the most played MMORPGs. This game offers to you an elaborate plot and a deep storyline. It has a huge open-world to explore and complete your quests. The game promises hundreds of hours of gameplay. But, the downside is that it requires a monthly […]

Dark Souls is one of the most popular role playing games by far. It is an incredibly punishing game where you need to be extremely careful while maneuvering. It is also considered to be one of the most difficult games to play. And yet, it has been played by millions of gamers worldwide. Unfortunately, the […]

Most people believe that Age of Empires is the game one should play to get introduced to the world or real time strategy gaming. But, I am of the opinion that StarCraft is another game you can play to know what RTS gaming is all about. It is the game that makes you fall in […]

Harvest Moon is considered to be one of the best farming game ever to be developed. The game was designed for Super Nintendo consoles and over the years the developers released many sequels. Each sequel received many critical acclaims. But, no matter how great a game is, you can play it only to a certain […]

The world of videogaming has evolved quite dramatically. We have the high-end, heavy duty consoles like PS4 and Xbox One today. But, you don’t really have to own one of these expensive consoles to have fun. Thanks to the flash games, you can enjoy video gaming right on your computer or smartphone. What’s more incredible […]

When the talks are around real-time strategy games, Age of Empires is likely to be the first name to sweep across our minds. Age of Empires series has been synonymous to RTS gaming ever since its launch nearly 2 decades ago. Even today, it continues to be the favorite series of many. The developers have […]

Elder Scrolls series has gifted us some fantastic open world games. Skyrim is undeniably the best installment from this series. This game offers to us the virtually unending world to explore. Skryim world is filled with quests, missions, and tons of adventures. You choose a character, develop its skills and abilities and evolve it into […]

Skyrim is a fantastic game with an awesome story line, incredible game play, excellent graphics, and more than hundred hours of fun. The game is highly addictive – one of the best role playing games ever to be made. But, even with all that, it has its limits. Once you have completed all the objectives […]

Want to delve into the feeling of nostalgia? If you are looking to revisit the days of past through the retro games, Game Boy Advance is the right choice for you. In its time, it was one of the most popular gaming consoles. GBA may have been phased out but a lot of gamers wish […]