Every expression in your email or messages doesn’t have to be only in the form of text. Emojis are a great way to translate your thoughts and emotions into illustrations. And, there is no denying that the emojis are more expressive than words; they draw your attention faster than the bland set of texts. Emojis […]

For many years, World of Warcraft has remained as one of the most played MMORPGs. This game offers to you an elaborate plot and a deep storyline. It has a huge open-world to explore and complete your quests. The game promises hundreds of hours of gameplay. But, the downside is that it requires a monthly […]

Dark Souls is one of the most popular role playing games by far. It is an incredibly punishing game where you need to be extremely careful while maneuvering. It is also considered to be one of the most difficult games to play. And yet, it has been played by millions of gamers worldwide. Unfortunately, the […]

When it comes to dating apps, Tinder is the first name that sweeps across our mind. Tinder is an incredibly popular dating service and it has helped many people find matches. But, Tinder app has its limitations. For starters, it is not as feature rich as you may like; it is just too simple. Also, […]

Most people believe that Age of Empires is the game one should play to get introduced to the world or real time strategy gaming. But, I am of the opinion that StarCraft is another game you can play to know what RTS gaming is all about. It is the game that makes you fall in […]

Harvest Moon is considered to be one of the best farming game ever to be developed. The game was designed for Super Nintendo consoles and over the years the developers released many sequels. Each sequel received many critical acclaims. But, no matter how great a game is, you can play it only to a certain […]

Remote desktop tools let you access your files from anywhere, conduct online meetings with participants from anywhere in the world, and troubleshoot the computer or software issues remotely. Teamviewer is the most popular and best remote desktop application. But, it may not be the best choice for all types of users. For starters, it is […]

Most applications on your computer that need to use the webcam have the built-in support for webcams. If all you are looking for is a simple webcam feed, you do not need to install any extra utility on your computer. But, our needs often transcend the boundaries of ‘simplicity’ in the world crawling with technophiles. […]