Top 10 Best Webcam Software You Should Try in 2018

Most applications on your computer that need to use the webcam have the built-in support for webcams. If all you are looking for is a simple webcam feed, you do not need to install any extra utility on your computer. But, our needs often transcend the boundaries of ‘simplicity’ in the world crawling with technophiles. You may sometimes (or often) need to do more with your webcam. For instance, you may want to add some cool effects or overlays to the video output to make it funkier. Or, you may want to stylize the video by adding a filter. Thankfully, there are webcam utilities can make your webcam output more fun and creative.

10 Best Webcam Software You Can Use

1. YouCam 7 by CyberLink

YouCam7 is probably the best webcam software available in the market today. This software is very versatile and offers you tons of features. You can also use it for a wide range of purposes. YouCam 7 lets you capture high-quality videos. You can also capture images using this tool. It also has a very impressive collection of effects that make your videos all the more interesting. YouCam 7 is not free. You will need to buy one of the two available versions – Deluxe or Standard. While the former is priced at around $45, the latter will cost you approximately $35. It goes without saying that the Deluxe version packs more features such as support for dual camera and beautification effects. If you don’t know whether or not you should buy this tool, go ahead and try the Essential version, which is basically a full-featured, 30-day trial of the software.

YouCam 7 makes video chatting a lot more fun. It lets you add various effects, overlays, emoticons and frames. There are plenty of filters as well that make the videos visually more appealing. You can use this tool for home surveillance purposes as well. It also has several security features. For instance, you can sign in to Windows operating system with your face. YouCam 7 is available only on Windows (including Windows 10).

2. iGlasses

If you are looking for an effective and yet fuss-free webcam utility, iGlasses is the one you should give a try. iGlasses is available only on Mac OS. It does not have a Windows version yet. This tool lets you add some really amazing effects to your videos. It also lets you touch-up your photographs and makes them more stunning. iGlasses features a minimal, simple and yet elegant design. It has an incredibly easy to use interface. Even the first time users can get started very quickly.

iGlasses is available for a one-time fee of around $20.00. With this, you get free updates for a lifetime and also free support. Given the kind of stunning effects you could add to your videos, iGlasses is definitely worth its price.

What I really like about iGlasses is how easily it integrates itself with popular video calling apps such as Facebook Messenger and Skype. Now, no need to have the same boring webcam feed while you are video chatting. This software also lets you add a number of 3D effects.

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3.ManyCam 4.1

ManyCam is one of the most popular webcam utilities. It is used extensively by the casual users as well as the professionals. ManyCam has a wide range of features that make it suitable for those who wish to set up live studio using their webcam. The tool also offers plenty of cool visual effects. ManyCam 4.1 integrates easily with the popular video calling services and makes video chatting a lot more exciting. What’s really cool is that it also has a free version. Of course, the free iteration has some limitations but it is good enough for most users. In case you are looking for more advanced and more fun features, you can buy one of the premium versions. It has Pro and Enterprise versions available for $50 and $150 respectively. The paid versions offer you more transition effects, IP streaming and more.

ManyCam 4.1 also integrates very swiftly with video portals like YouTube. If you happen to be a video blogger, you will really enjoy this aspect of the tool. This utility can take a video feed from multiple sources. ManyCam 4.1 is a cross-platform app available on Windows and Mac OS.


If you are looking for a feature-rich best webcam software that does not burn a hole in your pocket, YawCam is what you should be looking at. In spite of offering a wide range of features, YawCam is completely free of cost. Of course, I will not put it in the same league as YouCam 7 and ManyCam 4.1. But, given the fact that it is free, you will be impressed by the number and types of features it has to offer.

YawCam integrates with many video services and lets you easily stream the live video. It also lets you quickly upload the videos to YouTube. This tool also comes handy when you need to take pictures in the ‘Burst’ mode, wherein it captures multiple images in a just a few seconds. YawCam also has motion detection function and thus it can be used as the part of the surveillance system.

YawCam offers a simple and yet highly functional user interface. In fact, the simplicity of the user interface makes you think if YawCam really delivers what it promises. I will say it over-delivers, especially considering the fact that it is free. YawCam is available only for Windows platform, including Windows XP and Windows 10.

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SplitCam is another best free webcam software for Windows platform. Just like YawCam, it is also loaded with a variety of features (there are some differences though). Like the others on this list, SplitCam lets you add various visual effects to your video. But, that is not it. It also functions as an effective video streaming utility. This lets you live stream the videos on the supported web platforms. SplitCam supports HD resolution. But, it does offer many resolution choices for different types of internet connections. The video output is smooth and of high quality.

As the name suggests SplitCam also lets you split the videos. This lets you use the webcam with multiple applications. For instance, If you need to initiate video calls on Skype and Facebook Messenger simultaneously, SplitCam will direct the feed to both the applications for you.

However, the list of features does not end here. SplitCam also offers effective integration with a number of streaming services, such as YouTube. It has various 3D Masks and also allows you to accept input from many sources. It also has many audio features, such as audio mixer, audio splitting etc. SplitCam is only supported on Windows OS.

6.IP Camera Viewer

Most of the software programs I have talked about in this article are designed for a variety of purposes from video chatting to home surveillance. IP Camera Viewer is not necessarily a perfect utility if you are looking to have some fun with a webcam. However, if you wish to set up a home surveillance system using webcams, this software can come very handy. In fact, it has been designed keeping surveillance in mind. It saves you money too; the money you would otherwise spend on the expensive surveillance gadgets.

This tool is designed to accept feeds from multiple cameras (up to 4). It has a very easy to use and functional interface as well. Controlling the video feeds is quite easy from the interface. What’s most amazing is that it is completely free of cost. IP Camera Viewer is available on Windows platform.

7.Debut Video Capture

Debut Video Capture is, in essence, a screen capturing tool. It is a great option to record screen videos in high quality. But, what’s really cool is that it doubles as a very effective webcam utility too. It has a simple yet highly functional interface. It offers you a wide range of options to customize the video feed from the webcam. Debut Video Capture has a free version with limited features. If you wish to unlock all the features, you can buy the Pro version for nearly $50 one-time fee. It may sound like an expensive tool. However, when you consider all the features and solutions it offers, you start finding it worth the price.

Debut webcam software can capture videos from different types of webcams, including the IP ones. You can choose the format in which you wish to capture the video. It supports a wide range of output formats including MPG, FLV, WMV, MP4 and more. Debut also lets you add captions to the videos. This comes very handily while creating online video tutorials. Debut is a feature-rich best webcam recording software. However, not all the features are available with the free version. This tool is supported on Windows OS.

8.Webcam Toy

Not all the webcam tools need to be installed on your computer. Well, at least not Webcam Toy. How’s that? Simple! Webcam Toy is a browser-based webcam utility. All you need to do to access this tool is a compatible browser. And, most contemporary browsers are compatible including Chrome, Firefox & Safari. Since it is a web-based webcam tool, it is also platform independent. If you can access a browser on your OS, you can access Webcam Toy.

Webcam Toy is also quite easy to use. You just need to press an onscreen button to launch the webcam tool. And, with another press of a button, the tool starts capturing the video. But, I would say that do not expect a lot from this tool. Web-based applications cannot be as feature rich as the ones that you install on your computer. The browser tools have to keep things light or they will not perform well. But, there are some basic features you may like. For instance, there is the mirror effect. You can also turn the feed upside down. The tool also lets you capture the photographs. However, you cannot record videos. Webcam Toy is completely free of cost and does not have to be installed. I guess that’s already a lot to offer.

9.Fake Webcam

The first thing you may question is, “Why is it called Fake?” Well, the answer is pretty simple. This app records the video using your webcam and then lets you play the recording as the live stream on a video call or video chat. So, if you want to play a cool prank with your friends, you can use this software. But, that’s not the only thing it can do. Even though it is not loaded with features, it can do a few things for you. For instance, you can add some cool effects to the video output. Besides the effects, Fake Webcam app has a pretty healthy collection of filters that instantly enhance the style and quality of your videos.

Fake Webcam integrates well with some popular messaging services, such as Skype. This means you don’t need to rely on bland, boring video feed on Skype anymore. This tool is free for the first thirty days for the first time users. After the trial period, you can buy the product for about $10. When you weigh the price against the features, the latter side of the balance definitely goes down. Fake Cam is supported only on Windows at this time.

10.Free Webcam Recorder

They have given it this name for a reason; it is completely free to download and free to use webcam software. Free Webcam recorder can quickly capture the photos from the webcam and also record videos. This one is definitely not the most feature-rich, especially when we compare it with the others on the list. But, since it is free, it can be the software of your choice when you are looking for something simple and easy to use. It has an interface that features a minimal yet effective design. With just a click you can start or stop recording or capture photos.

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