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When Siri was first released in October 2011 in the Apple ecosystem, it took the world by storm. Siri can be safely called the pioneer of modern virtual assistants for mobile platforms. After a while, owing to the tremendous success of Siri, Google came up with its own VA service, which now comes integrated with majority of Android devices. Yet, many consider Siri as irreplaceable.

One big problem is that Siri is exclusive to the Apple world. So, the Android users have no other choice but to look for alternatives. Fortunately, there are plenty of virtual assistants on Android that can provide similar, if not the same, level of features and functions. In this article we take a look at top 10 Android virtual assistants.

Top 10 Siri For Android Alternatives You must Try

 1. Alice

Alice is a very basic, yet effective virtual assistant for Android platform. Alice’s free version is capable of executing almost all your basic and important commands. It can make a call, send messages, open apps, set alarm, translate text, send email, assist with navigation using Google Maps, post on social media, take notes, set timer and more. You just need to make sure your device is connected to the internet. It also has a pro version which offers ad-free experience and some additional features. Besides carrying out the basic tasks, it can also solve simple math problems. But, it is not yet equipped to solve more complicated problems. You need to have Google voice service installed in order for this app to work. You can easily download it from Google Play Store.

2. Google Assistant

Of course! Google’s very own virtual assistant named Allo created a lot of ripples when it was first introduced. Now, it comes preinstalled in Android Oreo and Nougat operating systems. If you use any older Android OS, you can download it separately from Play Store. Allo is one the most advanced assistants and probably the biggest competitor of Siri. It can do just about everything Siri can and even more. Besides all the basics, it can answer your questions, dig into Google and find information, subscribe you to news and other services, give weather report and a lot more.

Allo is smart but it still needs time to learn. It is designed to provide personalized assistant services and hence it also takes time to understand your habits and commands. Initially, you may not get the answers to a lot of questions. Instead, it will bring up the results from Google. However, overtime it gets smarter and starts providing more relevant help. The one thing Allo is really good at is offering context-based assistance. It tries to relate your new commands with the previous one making the whole process more conversational.

If you own an Oreo or Nougat device, you can start Google Assistant by long pressing the home button. You can also open it by saying ‘Okay Google’ to the device. The assistant integrates well with a variety of Google products such as Calendar, Maps, Gmail etc. All in all, it is a pretty good assistant to have. What’s ironic is that Allo is now also available on iOS devices.

3. Dragon Mobile Assistant

Dragon Mobile Assistant is another virtual assistant and the best alternative of siri for android that can help you carry out a number of tasks without having to lift your hands. There’s plenty you can do with the app including the basics. For instance, you can command the assistant to show you the weather updates, appointments, emails, and much more. If you would like this VA to automatically get activated at any particular time even when the device is locked, you can set the wake-up time as well.

Dragon Mobile Assistant uses Nuance’s advanced voice recognition technology to accurately listen to your commands. The app also packs a privacy feature that makes sure that the app gets activated only with a particular voice-print. This way you can prevent others from looking into or using the app.


When it comes to Windows platform, Cortana is probably unbeatable. However, do not expect the same, powerful performance from it on Android platform. Nevertheless, it is still quite an effective assistant you may want to give it a try. Cortana can give you the reminders, maintain your personal notes, and take care of a number of tasks.

Cortana isn’t supported on a number of Android devices. This is one of its major drawbacks, which also keeps it from becoming a mainstream alternative to Siri on Android platform. If you can’t get Cortana on your phone, there isn’t a lot to worry about. There are plenty more you can use and we have them on this list.

5. Skyvi

Those looking for Siri for Android should consider Skyvi as one of the options. This VA is indeed quite like Siri in how it carries out various similar tasks. It uses a powerful voice recognition technology that is largely accurate and effective. What I really like about Skyvi is the neat interface on which it presents all the information. The front of the app is uncluttered and organized.

Skyvi learns daily and takes some time to get used to your habits and style. But, it is a quick learner and very soon it starts giving more relevant results. Skyvi has been removed from Google Play Store. However, it should be available soon.

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6. EVA Free

EVA is another viable Siri alternative you can consider. This tool comes with a number of preset profiles for various situations. For instance, it has a built-in driving mode that could be very helpful while you are driving. Before beginning to drive you can turn this mode on and you can have the hands-free experience. You can send messages or make calls while driving without having to lose focus from the road.

EVA Free also has a number of Social Media features as well. You can post on Facebook or add a new Tweet with your Twitter handle almost instantly. EVA Free is a free version of the original, paid app. You can use EVA Free for 28 days in the free trial period before you are prompted to buy the paid version.

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7. Google Now

Google Now comes preinstalled in most Android device these days (except Nougat and Oreo that feature Allo instead). You can call it a stripped down version of Google Allo virtual assistant. You can get started by saying ‘Ok Google’ to your phone just like Allo. It will answer a lot of your questions, open apps, set reminders and timers and do a lot more. You can also look up for the places near you such as hotels, restaurants, monuments etc. Google Now is free. You will need to have Google Play services installed in order for this app to work.

8. Indigo Virtual Assistant

Indigo Virtual Assistant makes it to the rally of VA apps for it has proven it mettle over time. It can carry out many of your routine, daily tasks with incredible ease. It has a pretty good looking interface which looks neat and professional. It will make a call and send messages on your command. It will also find the nearest places using Google Maps.

Indigo can also be integrated with Twitter and Facebook. It will post on your behalf and also bring info from the news feed. It may not be as advanced as Siri but if you are looking for a VA to carry out your basic tasks effective, Indigo Virtual Assistant is worth trying.

9. Robin

Robin is one of the newer virtual assistant apps that uses the AI technology to execute your commands. Robin is still in the beta phase and hence it may lack some features. But, being in beta means it is still being developed and we hope that many new features will be added to it. Robin can make a call, send text message, open and compose emails, add contacts and do a lot of other things. It has a good looking, clean interface that offers ease of use. Robin is a pretty solid learner I would say. It takes only a little time to provide more relevant and personalised assistance to you. Robin is free and definitely worth a try.

10. Andy Assistant

Andy’s interface looks a little annoying at first for everything seems a bit confusing. However, once you wrap your head around it, and get used to it, you will probably find it to be the best virtual assistant. Andy is perhaps the closest we can get to Siri after Allo. Of course you can do everything that’s basic but there is more to Andy than that. Even though it may look a bit clumsy to start out, I would still recommend it strongly to those who want an advanced, powerful virtual assistant.

Summing Up

 So, here’s our list of top virtual assistants for Android platform. Even though many consider that Siri is unmatched, there are plenty who find Siri a little annoying. Siri is too interactive and sometimes you don’t want so much talk; you want action. It is up to you to decide which one is the best. But, if you own an Android, I hope that you found this article useful.

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