Best PS4 Racing Games for 2020

Steering your vehicle through the racing tracks, tough terrains, and obstacle riddled paths could be pretty thrilling. Racing games have been around for several decades. Even during the time of DOS-based gaming, we had racing games. We love speed and the exhilaration it brings. Today, the face of video gaming has changed completely. We have the advanced consoles like PS4 and Xbox One with the high-end specs. The visuals are more compelling and game-play more immersive. In this article we rally the top 10 PS4 racing games you would love to play on your state of art console. Take a look!

1. Trackmania Turbo

If you are looking for the best PS4 racing games, Trackmania Turbo is definitely the game you should try. In a small span of time, the title has become incredibly popular among the racing-games enthusiasts. It is an arcade racing game that offers edge of the seat entertainment and some adrenalin rush. The game, however, does not feel very realistic and hence it may not be used as a simulator. It is also more difficult than most other racing games. The cars come with different handling techniques and hence it takes some doing to get used to the new automobile you have acquired. This could cause a bit of frustration too. Nevertheless, the game offers plenty of excitement and features sharp graphics. You can buy the game for PS4 for nearly $21.

2. DriveClub

If you have played Forza series of racing games son Xbox console, have switched to PS4 and are now looking for something that can give you a similar experience, I would recommend DriveClub to you. This racing title is exclusive to PS4. DriveClub may not be as feature-rich as its Forza counterpart, it is still a pretty solid game. Quite like Trackmania Turbo, DriveClub too doesn’t focus a great deal on realism. Instead, it aims at offering an adventurous racing experience with high speed and stunning graphics. What I really like about DriveClub is the kind of weather effects it offers. I have never seen quite like it in any other racing game. Unfortunately, it does not have as big a collection of cars as Forza. Yet, it is one of the best PS4 racing games in my opinion. You can buy the game for $19.99.

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3. Project CARS

If you are more into simulated racing that can bring you closer to realism, Project CARS is the racing game you must bring home. The racing experience feels very authentic and offers good driving simulation. What I like the most about this game is that it offers a wide range of automobiles to pick from its big garage. Whether you are an advanced gamer or beginner, you will enjoy this game thoroughly. But, don’t forget that all the cars are not up to grab for free. While there are some you must earn during the course of the game-play, the others you need to buy as in-game purchases. Even if you don’t want to pay, there is still to be had. There are tons of sports cars and supercars. The game visuals are impressive and gameplay is realistic. Buy the game for around $28.

4. F1 2016

Want to have the first-hand digital experience of Formula One racing? Well, the F1 series of racing games by Codemasters is what you need to have. F1 2016 is the latest addition to the official Formula One racing games and in every possible way, it is the best thus far. The game features all the F1 tracks and offers an authentic F1 racing experience. There are lots of cars and teams to choose from. There are many modes to play the game in. Each car offers a different racing experience. And yet, getting accustomed to the new machine and steering it along the tracks isn’t very difficult. The graphics are absolutely stunning and more often than not make you feel as if you are controlling the real cars on the real tracks. F1 2016 is available for $20.

5. Trials Fusion

Let’s sidetrack from the racing cars and move over to bike racing with Trials Fusion. Trials series has been long known for providing incredible bike racing gameplay experience to us. It lives to our expectations (and perhaps even exceeds them) with the latest iteration for PS4 called Fusion. While you maneuver your bike along the tracks you must pass the various obstacles. As the game progresses it becomes more challenging and demands more focus and skills. You need to balance your bike while overcoming the obstacles without losing the sight from the timer. The game isn’t really very difficult to play but it keeps the excitement going with incremental challenges. You can buy it for $19.


6. DiRT Rally

If you like to race through dirt and dust as opposed to the smoothly paved tracks, DiRT Rally is easily one of the best PS4 racing games for you. DiRT series is all about off-road racing experience and undeniably Rally by far is its best title. After all, it has been designed for advanced consoles like PS4 and Xbox One. DiRT Rally is the most realistic rally game I have ever played and makes me feel as if I am really sitting behind the wheels. Especially, when you play the game with the steering wheel controls, you will find it more amazing. DiRT Rally isn’t an official World Rally Championship game. However, this does not stop it from being the best rally game. There are plenty of awesome rally cars to choose from. The graphics are stunning. The gameplay is immersive. Priced at $34.99 the game is a bit expensive, but every bit worth its price.

7. FlatOut 4 – Total Insanity

If you are looking for a racing game full of insane excitement and completely devoid of any racing rules, FlatOut 4 should be your pick. The catchline, “Total Insanity” isn’t there just meant to be catchy; the game truly is about the reckless, insane racing experience. You must have already guessed that the game is a lot about action. It offers wild racing and cars crashing into each other all the time. You can play the game in the single-player or multi-player mode with friends. There are a variety of cars and other automobiles to choose from. You can pick a heavy-duty truck or a supercar. The game progress may seem a little stalled in the single-player mode but overall it is a good racing game to play. You can buy it for $35.

8. DriveClub VR

If you are new to VR gaming experience, DriveClub VR would be a good starting point. Developed by Sony, this is the first VR game for PS4. And, I must tell you that it offers an incredible experience. The VR element makes the gaming more immersive than any other game on this list. However, Virtual Reality still has a long way to go. The graphics look pretty subpar when compared to the non-VR games. But, then you realize VR is still in its nascent stage and this is as good as it gets. That said, I will add that from the VR perspective, it is a pretty solid start. It puts you right in the middle of the game like you are a part of it. The game costs you $20 but you need to buy special PS4 VR gear separately.

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9. Ride 2

Alright! Let’s career into bike racing one more time with Ride 2. I will mince no words in saying that Ride 2 is one of the best games for PS4 for those who love everything that’s related to zipping bikes on the asphalt. This game offers you a huge collection of bikes to ride and race on. They have hundreds of bikes from almost all the popular bike makers. What’s more incredible is that unlike the other bike racing games, it does not have universal control mechanics. This simply means that you will have a new experience with each bike. There are lots of tracks with a variety of landscapes in the background. Ride 2 also lets you customize the bikes and rider outfits. All in all, it is an excellent bike racing title you could get your hands on. It is a bit expensive though priced at nearly $50.

10. The Crew

If you love to race with your friends or even strangers over a multiplayer racing game, The Crew is the perfect choice for you and the best racing game for PS4 as well. Of course, it also has a single-player mode but the multiplayer mode is what the developers have laid more focus on. There is a huge, open-world where you get to race. You could pick from a wide range of cars and heavy-duty automobiles such as trucks. The graphics of the game are overwhelming and offer an unmatchable, immersive experience. The Crew is available for $30.

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