Here’s Your Quick Guide To Download Kik For PC- 2017 Update

Welcome to the world of instant messaging, where messages are sent, delivered, and replied to instantly. Thanks to technology, the world now boasts of instant messaging apps like Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, and KIK. Also, you can get KIK for Windows 10 it will work on all Windows versions. This last one is of particular importance as users can now download and install it on their PC. As of today, over 275 million users have installed KIK on PCs across the globe, to enable them to chat and engage their friends/ families in real time. KIK is full of remarkable features that include posting unlimited pictures, messages, voice recording, video and other material to recipients all over the world. Follow this guide KIK messenger for PC and it will be really easy for you to download KIK for PC.

Here are Some Quick Tips on How to Download KIK for PC;

KIK App for PC( Windows 10/8/7) 

If you want to install KIK on Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10, you’ll first and foremost need to have an Android emulator. It’s the only way to enable your computer to act as a device that supports Android. Whichever feature or option you would like to have will be ready for use.  The perfect emulator to use is Andyroid as it is renowned for stability and high functionality.

If you want to know how to KIK online sign in without download then yu can check out our other guide written especially for KIK login I think it will be a very helpful guide so check it out.

Steps to Get KIK for PC-Windows 10/8/7

Step 1 : First download Andyroid which is one of the most recommended emulators; go to its portal of ( Click on the ‘Download’ option that you need to tap. Your file will be saved in your folder of downloads unless otherwise configured by your browser to save somewhere else.

Step 2 : When complete, tap twice on the icon of Andyroid to start the process of installation. Several sections will emerge that will require your confirmation, of which you need to reply affirmatively.

Step 3 : The emulator must be installed by now.  Thereafter, a screen which looks similar to an Android page of a table will appear. Immediately a small icon of Google Play will appear at the screen bottom right.

Step 4 : After double-clicking the Google play icon, your Google Store account will be opened. You will then log in your account of Gmail to sync Andyroid with it. The application will sync on its own everything if you had already downloaded KIK. Tap on the Google Play search bar to type KIK Messenger PC and install it.

Step 5 : After completing the download, double tap the application and from there on you will manage to work with it.

Step 6 : You can as well download KIK for PC by the use of BlueStacks emulator. Bluestacks KIK for PC is a highly rated emulator with millions of users.

Download KIK Messenger for MAC Users

1. KIK Messenger can also be downloaded to your MAC easily with the use of BlueStacks emulator. You are advised to have a Google store account.

2. First, download the emulator of BlueStacks into your MAC.

3. Install onto your MAC the program.

4. Begin BlueStacks then follow the screen instructions.

5. Look for KIK app and install it on your MAC.

6. The KIK app will be downloaded onto your MAC.

7. Go to BlueStacks search screen and look for ‘KIK’.

8. Tap on to log in and put in the details for logging into the existing account of KIK.

9. You can alternatively begin a new account for your KIK for Mac.

Kindly note that the download process of KIK Messenger for MAC was not intended by the initial developers of KIK. It can, therefore, cause some problems to run and cause some occasional crashes. You could alternatively use other emulators for Android like Andy instead of BlueStacks to safely get KIK for MAC.

Explained Features of KIK Messenger;

KIK messenger online and KIK for PC version are so far the most famous services of internet messaging we have. It exceeds WhatsApp and some other known messengers in terms of user satisfaction, fun quotient and ease of use.  The features are numerous but possible in just two screen clicks, which makes the app popular. Because of these features, you should download KIK for Windows.

Below are some of the features which the app has and how you can enjoy them;

Share Photos Easily Within Chats

Everyone agrees that it’s fun and more enjoyable chatting on KIK, compared to other platforms. There are other applications which have chat windows to enjoy but such apps rarely combine picture modes with text. Of course, KIK amazingly overcomes this rare feature with amazing ease. You can take videos and tap photos without getting out of the chat screen.

To make use of the camera while on the chat window, just use the steps you have to post attachments from your gallery or post a gif.

Gifs at YourFingertips

kik gif

From discovering memes, gifs became the largest internet sensation for teenagers. You do not need to search and save a gif so that you can share it when need be. Gifs are available readily when you use KIK Messenger. The application detects what talk is ongoing and readily avails you suggestions of gifs which load instantly. You do not have to download a gif for viewing or so as to send it. There is just no comparison.  If you need to post a gif, type what you need to talk on and await the suggestion of gifs to be brought up. You can otherwise use the button of attachment to enter to Gifs and search, then select the gif you would like your friends to be entertained with.

Easy as ABC to Add Friends

You do not have to fumble with a keyboard to put in the user id of your friend, especially if it’s complex. KIK messenger online found ways of dealing with this. KIK is not committed to making one to share their phone numbers to get friends. It has an interface of code scanning. Only a fast scan is needed in order to reach your friends on KIK. The app users would not be happier!

KIK for Computer is a completely safe application. You now don’t have to rely on your handheld devices to chat and share photos with friends in real time. Installing and download KIK on PC empowers you to enjoy instant messaging like you have never known it before.



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