10 Best Grooveshark Alternatives You Can Use to Listen to Music or Upload Your Own

Grooveshark was once an incredibly popular music streaming service. This web-based platform allowed you to upload the music and create and manage playlists. You could also share the music with other users. It also lets you download the music uploaded by other users. Goovershark was Napster-esque and both succumbed to the similar fate after failing to comply with the copyright regulations. Even though Grooveshark got legally tainted, it was still a huge hit among its users. This is why people are still looking for Grooveshark alternatives. Well, this is why I have compiled this list of the top music streaming services like Grooveshark you can use. Take a look!


Last.fm is a pretty solid Grooveshark alternative you can use to listen to music or upload your own. This music streaming service allows you to upload the music you have composed. You can also create the playlists of your own tracks or tracks composed by the others. You can share songs and even playlists with other users. Last.fm has become extremely popular over the last few years. It offers a number of music services to its users. It gives you music recommendations based on your previous listening history. You can also access the top charts. It supports mobile streaming and hence it is a great option to listen to music while on the go.

Last.fm is free of cost but the free version is riddled with ads. To have an ad-free experience, you can buy the premium subscription for $3 per month. This service is available on Mac, Windows, iOS and Android devices. It is also available for access through browsers.


Soundcloud is an undeniable leader of the music streaming platforms you will find today. Millions of artists from around the world upload their music on this platform, which you can stream and enjoy. In fact, some of the top celebrity artists like Katy Perry also use the SoundCloud service to upload their composed tracks. Not only can you upload songs but you can also stream them. You can also create a playlist of the songs you like to play more frequently. You can also share your favorite tracks as well as playlists with others. SoundCloud is definitely one of the best legal Grooveshark alternatives.

SoundCloud offers free services with limited features. For instance, free users can upload only up to 180 minutes of the audio track. Premium users are offered more benefits and features, such as the capability to upload unlimited duration of the music. The premium plans start at $6 per month. SoundCloud is available is available as a web-based service and is also supported on Android and iOS mobile devices.

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While talking about the music streaming services that can serve as Grooveshark alternative, there is no way we could have left Spotify out. In fact, it merits to be among the top music services. Just like SoundCloud, Spotify also has a huge user base across the world. This service gives you access to some really talented artists from many corners of the world. It also features a number of radio stations. Just like the others on the list, Spotify also lets you create playlists and share them with your friends. You can download certain tracks and listen to them offline as well.

Spotify is available for free use but with many limitations. The free version is ad-based. You can buy the premium subscription for $9.99 per month to gain access to all its features and have an ad-free experience. It is supported on a wide range of platforms including Windows and Mac computers, Windows, Android and iOS mobile phones and also on Blackberry and Symbian platforms.


Many consider Deezer to have been created in the likeness of Grooveshark (with the exception that Deezer is legal). Both the services have some incredible resemblances leading the experts to such conclusions. Deezer boasts of more than 5 million premium subscribers from all over the world. It has a pretty awesome collection of more than 30 million tracks. The popularity of this service has risen dramatically in the recent past putting it int he same league as Spotify or SoundCloud.

Just like the other streaming services, you can upload your own tracks, import MP3 from your local storage, create playlists, share songs and playlists with others, social media integration, and various customizations.

Deezer has a free service but with limited features. In order to explore the service to its full potential, you can pay a monthly subscription of $14.99. Deezer is available on Windows, Android and iOS mobile devices. It also has a web-based version for access on computers.


This is another incredible music streaming service many consider as the Grooveshark alternative. As the name suggests, Rdio features various radio stations. You can also create your own radio station. This service offers all the basic features you could expect from it including the ability to create and share playlists, download the songs and even the albums for offline listening, and offer the recommendations based on the personal streaming choices made by the users.

Rdio isn’t as popular as the other streaming services we have listed here. However, it is a great choice if you are looking to tune into web radio. The mobile app also supports Chromecast and Roku syncing, allowing you to listen to music on your home theater system.

Rdio offers a free, ad-based version. You can get rid of ads by paying the premium fee starting at $3.99 per month. This service is supported on Windows OS and Windows, Android and iOS mobiles.


Pandora! Of course! This streaming service had to be the part of this list. I couldn’t have left it out. Pandora is a relatively new streaming service when compared to the others. But, in a very short span of time, it has made itself quite popular. There are millions of copyrighted tracks you could gain access and listen to while on the go. You can search for the track based on the genre or artist. With your favorite songs, you can also create your personal playlists. Besides the personal playlist, Pandora gives you access to thousands of pre-created playlists. It has just about every genre you want to listen to.

If you are a premium user, Pandora lets you create your personal stations and also customize them. Even though it is available in select countries, it still has a huge fan base. You can access it for free with access to limited features. To have it all, buy the premium plan for $4.99. Pandora is supported on the Android and iOS platforms only. It is a good Grooveshark alternative to have.


Streamus isn’t an app in itself. It is a Google Chrome Extension that streams YouTube videos as audio. You don’t need to install any app for it. You simply need to add the extension in Chrome. This extension offers some really cool features. Not only does it let you stream audio from videos, it also lets you create playlists and share them with others. You don’t have to bookmark individual, favorite songs anymore as you can gain quick access to them through the playlists. What’s really awesome is that it is completely free of cost. I love this extension.


This is a music streaming service that puts a lot of focus on creating playlists and discovering music. You could create as many playlists as you want with each playlist containing up to 8 tracks. You can personalize your playlists in a number of ways by adding the cover art, titles, keywords, tags and more. You can share the playlist with your friends and other users. 8Tracks has a free version with limited features. The paid version is available for $25 for 6 months. This service is supported on a wide range of mobile devices, computers and gaming consoles.


Audisplitter is another completely free music streaming service. It is largely a web-based service but has a mobile app only for iOS platform. Many consider Audiosplitter as the closest copy of Grooveshark with the only difference that it is legal. This service lets you upload your own music and also discover music from the other artists from around the world. It is more like a curator service that lets you curate music from popular platforms such as Spotify, SoundCloud, YouTube etc. You can share the music with the others using the social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

10.Vibe Cloud

Vibe Cloud is another Grooveshark alternative you can consider. Besides letting you create and manage your playlists, you can also download and upload the music. It is a great place to discover new music from around the world. But, there is one problem. It is not completely DMCA compliant and may find itself in legal troubles in future just like Grooveshark. This is why I would recommend you to be wary of relying too much on it. If it is shut down, you will lose all your music.

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