Presenting You The List Of 40 Best Google Chrome Extensions

Statistically speaking, Google Chrome is the most widely used web browser across the world. Chrome is a simple, easy to use browser. But, don’t be deceived by its simple looks as it packs tons of useful features as well. And, in spite of being feature-rich, you can always extend Chrome’s functionality with the extensions. Chrome Web Store has hundreds of extensions that offer added functions and features to the users. These extensions improve your productivity, enhance browsing experience, save you data, and provide additional security. Here is the list of the top 40 Google Chrome extensions you can use.

1. Accompany for Gmail

Accompany app for mobile devices has been around for quite a while. It is a handy app that helps you prepare for the official meetings by bringing your device contacts and calendar in sync with each other. Thanks to the new Accompany extension for Chrome, you can enjoy these features with Gmail on your computer. This tool will extract a lot of information about the individuals and companies you communicate with regularly. It displays the profiles, links to social media handles, mutual connections and more.

2. Mercury Reader

The web pages these days are laden with advertisements and promotional elements. This mars the legibility of the page to a great extent. But, with Mercury Reader, you can easily make the web pages more readable. It removes all the clutter including the adverts and unnecessary formatting giving you a neat and clean page to look at and read from.

3. Data Saver

Your data quota is depleting fast and you don’t know what’s eating it up? Well, worry not as Data Saver will help you out. It compresses the data on a web page and makes sure you save on the bandwidth. By using this extension you could save considerable amount of data. It also shows the statistics related to data consumption. However, please note that it doesn’t work with the Incognito mode and the HTTPS websites.

4. Shortlink

Shortening the link has become a very common practice on the internet. It helps you avoid the confusion and chaos long winding links can cause when shared on a web page or through social media. But, the big problem with shortened link is that you don’t really know where they are redirecting you. Unbeknownst Someone with mal-intent could guide you to a harmful website. Thanks to Chrome extension, now you can see where the shortened link is leading you to before you even click it. In case it is the link to any known malicious site, the extension will also quickly warn you. This is why it’s getting huge popularity amongst best Google Chrome extensions.

5. Gmail Offline

Gmail works only when you are connected to the internet. Or does it not? Well, Gmail Offline extension does exactly what its name suggests – lets you view your Gmail emails offline. It also lets you compose the email, which are queued and delivered the moment you are online again. It has a pretty functional interface that gives you access to your emails, conversations and drafts.

6. Send to Kindle

If you have a Kindle device, there is a good chance you would like to read everything on this device, even the web articles. Of course you could open the article on a Kindle web browser. But, it doesn’t look as reader-friendly as an eBook. Send to Kindle Chrome extension can help you here. It can send just about every type of web content to your Kindle account. The sent content is transformed into what is called Kindle-friendly format for better reading experience.

7. Ultidash

Ultidash is an incredible way to enhance your productivity by keeping a tab on your online activities. It brings to you a set of tools that help you become more productive at work. For example, it lets you block certain websites, which you would not like to access during work hours. It also has a tracker which tells you hos much time you have spent on different websites and which ones have been the most time consuming. It also adds a to-do list to your Chrome tabs.

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8. Taco

Taco is another great Chrome extension that helps you boost the productivity. In fact, it makes Chrome the productivity hub for you. Unlike Ultidash, Taco doesn’t have its own set of tools. However, it can easily bring together notifications, tasks, and information from various web productivity tools you may be using. It is compatible with Apple’s iCloud, Google Drive and Google Tasks as well. This means you don’t have to access different services separately. Taco makes things convenient by putting them all on one page.

9. Momentum

Momentum is also a productivity extension tool for Google Chrome addons users. But, it is not as feature-rich as Ultidash or Taco. If you are looking for an easy to use, lightweight extension with the basic to-do functions, Momentum could be perfect for you. Not only does it keeps you up to date with your to-do list, it also displays greetings, weather report and motivational quotes.

10. Strict Workflow

While we are discussing the productivity and to-do extensions, it only make sense to throw some light at Strict Workflow extension tool. As the name suggests, this extension is about making sure you are spending time only on what is productive and removes everything else from the sight. There is so much to do on the web that we often forget to keep track of the time. Social media sites and video portals can eat into a lot of our productive time. This extension blocks your access to the time consuming sites for 25 minutes allowing you to focus only on productive tasks. It then gives you a break of 5 minutes after which the countdown of 25 minutes starts again.

11. OneTab

Chrome (and most other mainstream web browsers) offer multi-tab browsing. But, each tab consumes resources and when you have lots of them open you can see noticeable difference in the performance of the computer. This is where OneTab comes handy. It compresses all the tabs that are currently open into one tab and adds the link to all the web pages were open in the compressed tabs. This saves system resources and also lets you revisit the web page quickly whenever you need to.

12. Noisli

Not a lot of people realize that the ambient sound could play a very important role in your day to day life. The right ambient sound can help you focus better and increase the productivity. It can also have a calming effect when you are anxious or restless. Add the Noisli tool and gain access to hundreds of amazing ambient sounds. This extension also lets you compose your own sounds. You can control the volume as well as the duration of the sound.

13. Tab Wrangler

Tab Wrangler is also a Chrome tab manager but not quite like OneTab. You usually don’t need the tabs that have remained idle for long but they continue to eat into system memory. Tab Wrangler extension keeps a check on the idle tabs and closes them automatically after the specified time. You can set the timer and decide after how long the idle tabs will close. You can also add tabs in the exception list (also called whitelist) to prevent them from closing even if the designated time has elapsed. What’s really good is that the closed tabs aren’t all lost. This extension offers the Tab Corral feature that keeps a record of the closed tabs so that you can get back to them quickly and easily.

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14. Hiver.

Hiver is also a productivity tool but it designed for Gmail. This extension helps you better manage the emails for a team and enhances productivity. For instance, it has a Shared Mailbox feature that brings all the emails for the same domain into one inbox for better management. It also lets you schedule the emails and send them at a future date or time. This extension offers a wide range of feature and is a great tool for someone managing a team.

15. MightyText

MightyText is the Chrome extension that helps you manage your text and MMS messages on the Android devices. This extension allows you to sync all the SMS on your Android with your computer. You can also send and receive the messages on and from the browser. But, it is more than just a text syncing app. It also lets you sync your videos and photos. In fact, you can also sync the notifications on your smart device. Of course you need to add the extension to the browser. At the same time, you will be required to download the MightyText app on your Android.

16. Boomerang

Do you often need to send your emails at a later time or date but do not wish to stay in the office beyond the working hours? Get yourself the Boomerang extension for Chrome. This tool lets you schedule the messages to be automatically delivered some time in future. You can also send recurring emails with the help of this extension. Boomerang is a premium service but lets you sen 10 emails per month for free.

17. The Great Suspender

We talked about Tab Wrangler that automatically closes your idle tabs to save the system resources. The Great Suspender is another great option to get rid of the idle tabs without losing them completely. This tool monitors your tabs and closes them automatically after the designated time. But it retains the tab information such as title and favicon so that you can revisit them whenever you need to. Just like Tab Wrangler, it also lets you add certain tabs to exception list so that they do not close automatically.

18. Cite This for Me – Web Citer

People who write thesis or research papers often need to provide the citations from where they have referred. This process is important to maintain the authenticity of the writing but could be very tiresome and painstaking. But, all thanks to Cite This for Me, you can now create the citations easily and quickly. Whether it is the Harvard, APA, MLA or Chicago citation style, this tool has it all.

19. TabCloud

Tabbed web browsing is a very common phenomenon these days. It allows you to open and manage multiple websites on a single browser window. But, what if you are working on multiple computers? Wouldn’t you like your tabs to be available across all the machines. This is totally possible with TabCloud Chrome extension. You can save your all your tabs to the cloud and then access them from other computers. This makes tabbed browsing very easy on multiple computers.

20. Turn Off the Lights

The video portals try to keep the background and surroundings of the video more conducive to viewing. However, it is not always perfect and often leaves you asking for more. Turn Off the Lights makes your video watching experience better. It dims the background of the video while it is playing so that your entire focus is on the video and the visibility is better. In fact, it also lets you set a custom background color.

21. VideoStream

Love to watch videos on your TV? VideoStream could be a wonderful extension to use. This extension lets you stream the videos directly from your computer to Android TV or Chromecast. This extension is easy to install and use. It can stream almost all types of popular video formats. It also supports the full HD 1080p resolution as well. While the free version of the extension offers several features, you can get more with the premium version. You can also download the app on your device to function as a remote controller.

22. The Camelizer

The Camelizer is a perfect extension for those who regularly do the online shopping and are conscious about the prices. This records the price history every time you visit some of the very popular online portals such as BestBuy and Amazon. You can also opt for email or Twitter subscription to be notified of the price changes.

23. Disconnect

Disconnect is a perfect Chrome extension for the users who wish to disable the tracker cookies from social media platforms and advertisements. You can disable all the trackers at once or you can pick individual trackers to block. You can also create an exception list or whitelist which allows certain trackers when all others are blocked. It also has a blacklist which blocks only the specified trackers and allows the rest. This extension also helps you identify the trackers on a particular website.

24. StayFocusd

If you think you have been spending too much time on Facebook and Twitter and it has been hampering your productivity, you can make good use of StayFocusd extension. You could set a time duration for which these productivity killing sites will remain blocked. Or, you can set the time period only in which you will be able to access these websites. StayFocusd is very customizable. You can create a list of the sites you wish to block. You can also create a whitelist of the sites you don’t blocked while the rest will remain blocked.

25. Honey Chrome Extension

Those who love to shop online and are looking for discount coupons will love this extension. One way to find the coupons is to look up on the search engine and scour the search results. The other is to use Honey, which will automatically find hundreds of coupons for a wide range of online stores in the UK, USA and Canada. Add this extension to Chrome browser and shop as you would do normally. At the time of checkout simply click “Find Savings” and Honey will let you know if there is an applicable coupon for the purchase you are trying to make. Not only does Honey save you money but also a lot of time.

26. AdBlock Plus

Tired of those in-your-face, pop-up ads that just don’t seem to go away for some sites? What’s more frustrating is that even popup blocker does not work with some sites. Thanks to AdBlock Plus, also popularly called ABP, you can now block just about all types of ads on a web page. It’s not just the ads but this tool can block social media handle icons and malwares too. You can create a block list to block the ads only on the specified websites. Or, you can add the websites to the whitelist for which you do not wish to block the ads. It may not block all the ads but reduces the frequency of the appearance of the ads to a great extent. Please note that many websites, like ours, place the ads legitimately and are entirely dependent on them for revenues.

27. Everynote Web Clipper

Like to take notes while browsing the websites or web articles? Now you don’t need an additional application to note down the key points. With Everynote Web Clipper, you can take the notes very easily. You can save almost all types of web content in Evernote from your Chrome web browser. You can save the entire content of the web page for distraction free reading later. You can also save the content in the PDF format.

28. Lazarus Form Recovery

Some web forms are quite long and complex. You need to be careful while filling the form and you want to make sure that you do it right the first time so that you don’t have to do it again. But, what if there is a power outage or someone accidentally pulls out the power cord of the computer while you are still filling the form? In a normal situation, you will lose all you have filled so far. But, with Lazarus Form Recovery you don’t have to worry about losing the data. This extension saves the information as you fill it and lets you recover it in the event of power failure.

29. Hover Zoom

Some web pages have thumbnails of the images that you must click in order to view the full image. This could be pretty tiresome if you wish to view several images. It is also a time consuming process. Hover Zoom, however, makes things easier for you. As the name suggests, when you hover the mouse over a picture this extension zoom in on it and presents the full pictures as a pop-up without you having to navigate to a different page.

30. HTTPS Everywhere

Those who like to access the Dark Web and wish to keep their identity concealed could uses this extension. HTTPS Everywhere is available on both Chrome and Firefox. This tool makes sure that all your browsing activities are online communications are encrypted.

31. Google Translate

Google Translate is a free service offered by Google to translate from one language to another. In order to do so, you must visit and copy and paste the content you need translated. But, this process isn’t always convenient. This is why Google also introduced a Google Translate extension. This extension lets you quickly translate the web pages in desired language with just a click of the button. Google Translate extension detects the web page language and if it is different to the Chrome default language you have set, it asks your consent to translate it. This is one of the best Google chrome plugins everyone should try on their PC.

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32. Panic Button

If you are browsing something privately and an unexpected visitor comes over, you will want to quickly close all the tabs. But, this also means you will lose all the tabs and they will have to be reopened separately. That could be frustrating. You can easily avoid it though with the Panic Button extension. In the event of an emergency, press the Panic Button and it will hide all your tabs. You can also restore the tabbed browsing session to normal with a single click. If you want more security, you can password protect the hidden tabs.

33. Ghostery

Not everyone knows there are web trackers on some sites that keep the record of all your activities on the web. Not all the web trackers are illegal. Not everyone cares. But, those who do care would like to have these trackers disabled and blocked. Ghostery is the extension that helps you do exactly that. It detects any web trackers on a website and blocks them.

34. LastPass

It is always a good idea to have different passwords for different websites and services. This ensures better security of your personal information and identity. But, managing multiple passwords and accounts could be a little difficult. Users often forget the passwords or fail to associate it with the right account. Thanks to LastPass extension, you don’t have to worry about managing multiple passwords anymore. This tool can also import information from other password management services such as KeePass and web browsers such as Firefox.

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35. Web of Trust

Whether we like it or not, owing to the inescapable exposure to internet, we often land up on the not so trustworthy websites sometimes. With millions of websites on the web, it is almost impossible to tell which ones could really be trusted. Web of Trust extension, however, does this job for us. This tool adds a colored symbol to each website depending on the level of trustworthiness.

36. Pocket

You come across an interesting video but you don’t have time to watch it right now. You can use Pocket extension to save the video and watch it later. This extension lets you save all types of web content including videos and images for later viewing. You can sync the saved information with other devices too.

37. Click&Clean

Click&Clean is a nice tool to remove all the tracks of your browsing activities from your computer. It helps you remove the cookies and website histories. It also clears the temporary files and cache. Google Chrome already has the native ability to do all these things. However, with this extension you get access to all of it from one place.

38. Awesome Screenshot

If you regularly need to take screenshot of the web pages you visit, Awesome Screenshot is arguably the best choice. It lets you take the screenshot of the entire web page or the selected area. It also allows you to take the desktop screenshot. Awesome Screenshot also doubles as the annotation tool allowing you to easily annotate the parts of the web page.

39. Google Dictionary

If you come across a word whose meaning you do not know, you can always Google it. Google presents the definition of the words in a useful way. But, in order to do so, you need to move away from the web page you are on and search for the word in a new tab or window. This could take the focus away from what you are doing and is also time consuming. Instead, you can add the Google Dictionary extension. With this tool all you need to do is double-click the word and its meaning will be displayed in a call-out style, pop-up bubble. If you need to learn more about the word, you can click the link “More” inside the bubble.

40. TinEye Reverse Image Search

This extension lets you search for an image on a web page in a search engine. This way you can find out where else the image has been used on the internet. Google has a native feature called “Search by Image” which does exactly the same thing. But, this extension lets you search the image right off the web page. You don’t need to open a new tab or window.


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