Games Like StarCraft You Must Play On Your PC

Most people believe that Age of Empires is the game one should play to get introduced to the world or real time strategy gaming. But, I am of the opinion that StarCraft is another game you can play to know what RTS gaming is all about. It is the game that makes you fall in love with this type of gaming almost instantly. But, if you have already played this game and looking for other games like StarCraft, here is our list for you.

1. Civilization V

Civilization V isn’t a real time strategy game like Starcraft but I am compelled to put it in the list owing to some incredible similarities. It is a turn-based game that involves plenty of strategy making. You witness the evolution of the humans from the pre-historic era to the modern age where humans are capable of reaching out to distant planets away from the Solar System. During the course of the game, you, as the world leader, must build your empire and fight alongside as well as against the other world leaders. You can play the game in a local network or online. It is available for nearly $50.

2. Age of Empires 2

You played Starcraft probably because you love the RTS concept. If that’s the case, I am confident you will love Age of Empires 2 as well. Owned by Microsoft, Age of Empires is the most played RTS franchise worldwide. In this game you pick one of the clans and build your city. While doing so, you must fend off the enemies. And, once your city is strong enough, you go out and conquer other cities. The company also released an HD edition of the game, which promises even more amazing graphics. You can buy Age of Empires 2 for $19.99.

3. Universe at War

Universe at War is considered by many expert RTS gamers as one of the best games like Starcraft. Both the games have an incredibly similar storyline that makes things all the more exciting. In this game you fight an alien race which is trying to denude Earth of its resources and kill all its natives. The game features various campaign modes to keep you engaged for several hours. And, if that is not enough, it also lets you create your own stories with the Scenario mode. You can play the game with AI or online with other players. You can buy the game for less than $15.

4. Command and Conquer 4

This is another game where you don’t fight with the co-humans but with the alien outlanders. These aliens are about to wreak havoc on humankind and your job is to prevent that from happening. This game can also be played against the computer or you can go online and play the co-op mode with your friend (or any other random gamer). There are many classes available and the game lets you choose the one you prefer the most. There are plenty of resources and weapons but you must earn them over the course of time.

5. Halo Wars

There is a good chance you may have already heard of Halo franchise, which is published by Microsoft Studios. Halo is a first-person shooter franchise that is extremely popular on Microsoft platforms such as Windows and Xbox. Halo Wars, however, is a completely different story altogether. It is the RTS spin-off of the very popular FPS franchise. In this game, unlike the other Halo games, you control an entire army instead of just one warrior. You will find a lot of similarities between Halo Wars and Starcraft in terms of visuals as well as the game play. You can buy this game for $15.

6. The Banner Saga

This game takes you several centuries back when the Vikings used to exist. The Banner Saga brings to you a perfect blend of RTS and RPG gaming. You play as a Viking clan and your objective is to outsmart your enemies in every field. What’s interesting is that the outcome of the game can change completely depending upon the choices made. Your choices also alter the storyline and gameplay. This is why decision making becomes extremely important. The game also lets you pick a character of your choice. Each character comes with a different set of skills and abilities. You can also choose who you wish to keep as your allies. This game is available for $20.

7. Warcraft III – Reign of Chaos

World of Warcraft, also commonly known as WOW, is an incredibly popular RTS gaming franchise. This game takes you to the era before the start of the storyline of the World of Warcraft. However, you still get to pick many epic and loved characters from the original franchise. Just like any RTS game, you need to gather resources, forge alliances with various factions, and fight the enemies. This game takes you in the middle of the most incredible fantasy gaming world has ever seen. Available for nearly $10, it is one of the best games like Spacecraft.

8. Rise of Nations

Created in the likeness of Age of Empires by Microsoft, Rise of Nations takes you back to the age of ancients. This game follows the same gameplay style as AOE. Your objective is to gather the resources, evolve your technology, advance through the ages, defend your town and conquer other towns. The game allows you to choose from one of the 18 civilizations. Each civilization has its capabilities, technology and military prowess. Rise of Nations has incredible visuals and awesome storylines. You can get it for nearly $20.

9. Dawn of War

This is another alien vs humankind game where both are engaged in a war that does not seem to end. The game is set in far future from today. Both the races are vying to win the war and rule the universe. Humankind is at the risk of complete annihilation and you must do something to prevent that from happening. This RTS game is also about collecting the resources and building your army large and strong enough to fight and defeat the alien forces. The game offers both single-player and multi-layer modes.

10. XCOM 2

XCOM 2 takes you to the post-apocalyptic world where the Aliens rule the earth. Humans live as the slaves to aliens. However, there are a few who would not surrender to the other kind. They have together formed a rebellion. You play as the leader of the rebellion group. You must help human race gather enough resources and build strong weapons to fight the alien race and take earth back from them. There is plenty of planning and strategy involved in this game. You use brutal force only when you have enough men and weapons for it. You can buy the game for nearly $60.

11. Total War – Rome 2

Total War – Rome 1 was a pretty awesome game in many ways. But, Rome 2 is a clear enhancement over its predecessor. It features many new elements that make it a similar yet unique game. Even though it is set in the era and land of the finest warriors and army, the game requires you to strategize in order to proceed. Not only do you conquer the enemies, you also forge many alliances. It features cool graphics and incredible game play. You can buy it for nearly $60.

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12. Supreme Commander Forged Alliance

A race that considers itself superior to mankind is bent on destroying the human race. The wars seem to be never ending and there are ruins everywhere. But, all is yet not lost as the humanity has you. You must gather the men with the will and skill to fight and build an army that can stand against those who stop at nothing. It is a pretty cool game with great graphics. Buy it for $15.


If you love to play MMORPG games, I am sure you are going to like this game too. It is not an RTS game yet I found it appropriate to put it on the list of top games like starcraft. In this turn-based game, you need to make the right and wise choices as outcomes rely on what you choose. You play a character with many shades. At one point you are a warrior and at other you are a politician or even a merchant.

14. Company of Heroes

Company of Heroes is a RTS game, but it is definitely like most other RTS games you must have played. This game does not involve you into the activities of gathering the resources or building the structures. The game keeps its primary focus on devising tactics and strategies that can put you in the position of advantage in the battlefield.

15. Battle Worlds – Kronos

This is another title that brings the best of turn-based strategy gaming to you. It is one of the best games like Starcraft you will play. The game lets you play various campaigns. You can also create maps and play your own scenarios. In this multiplayer game you can play against gamers from around the world.

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