Presenting You The List Of 20 Games Like Skyrim Which You must Play

Elder Scrolls series has gifted us some fantastic open world games. Skyrim is undeniably the best installment from this series. This game offers to us the virtually unending world to explore. Skryim world is filled with quests, missions, and tons of adventures. You choose a character, develop its skills and abilities and evolve it into a mighty warrior. Skyrim offers you over hundred hours of game play.

Skyrim is an excellent RPG game. But, once you have achieved all the objectives and played the game to the end, there isn’t a lot left for you to do. That’s when you start looking for new experience. If you enjoyed playing Skyrim and are looking for similar games, here is our list of to 20 games like Skyrim. Take a look!

1. Dragon Age – Inquisition

Dragon Age is one of the most popular RPG series worldwide. If you have played any of the games from the series before, you would know how immersive the experience could become. The series offers excellent game play and stunning graphics. This installment of Dragon Age, named Inquisition, is no exception. In fact, we will not shy away from saying that it is by far the best Dragon Age edition. It has an awesome storyline and offers hours of game play. There are breaches all around the world offering the passageway to the demons and monsters. Your job is to ward off the intruders and seal all the breaches to prevent further trespasses. There are plenty of heroes or characters to choose from with different set of abilities and powers. You can also gang up with others to play the game in the co-op mode.

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2. Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor

Do you love everything that is “The Lord of the Rings”? If yes, then there is no reason why you would not love this game as well. The game is set in the world the book depicts and traces the timeline in the pre-book era but after the The Hobbit. But, it’s not just the name and world this game borrows from the book that make it so awesome. Even if you haven’t read the book or watched the movies, you will love this game right from the beginning. It is one of most impeccably designed open-world RPG games like Skyrim. The objective of the game is simple (not necessarily easy though). You must fight the evil Sauron and his army of devils and monsters.

3. Dark Souls 2

Alright! Things are not going to get pretty in this game. It is a hack and slash, RPG game so expect a lot of blood and gore. The game is not exactly the easiest of all too. What we mean is that getting killed is as easy as snapping the finger. It is probably the most punishing RPG games we have every played. You are going to use some brute force to subdue your enemy, but there won’t be any mindless killing. You must amass the powerful weapons, get your hands on some heavy and strong armors, and learn the game play in order to proceed. There is a tutorial of course. But, even that is not exactly easy to get past. Don’t be discouraged. It is the challenges this game presents that make it so unique and exciting to say the least.

4. Ryse – Son of Rome

If the medieval world of Rome intrigues and mystifies you, we will say give this game a try. This game brings to life all the amazing elements from that era including gladiators, Roman warriors, the whole Roman setup and everything else. Son of Rome is a Windows/Xbox only game and that’s probably why it hasn’t been as popular as it should have been. Never mind that though. It is one of the best period games we have every played. The visuals are stunning and the game play is simply exciting. There are lots of combats and battles. The storyline is gripping. You are the Army Commander who must avenge the murder of his family. There will be lots of gore as this is a hack an slash title. You can play the game in single or co-op mode.

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5. Dark Messiah of Might and Magic

This is another exciting, incredible Skyrim alternative you would love to give a try. What makes this game more fun is that it requires quite a bit of strategies. You couldn’t just go out wielding the sword and hacking the life out of enemies. You also need to do certain degree of planning. You must evolve your character and enhance its abilities and powers. You need to use a lot of stealth too. For instance, you can kill an enemy quietly from afar with a bow and arrow. Or you could just sneak behind a guard and slit his throat without him knowing what got him. If you wish to succeed, you must develop your characters. During the combat, you must time your shots well for them to find the target on the right spot. There is some magic too to overwhelm your enemies.

6. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Wild Hunt from The Witcher series is undeniably one of the best open world games ever to be made. It is the games like these that set the right trend and encourage other developers to create more satisfying games. There is a lot of attention to details in the game, which is reinforced with stunning graphics. The interactions with the objects and other non-playable characters is simply impressive. The combat systems are smooth and bring you to the edge of the seat. You take control of the character whose name is Geralt. With Geralt you explore the expansive game world and fight the evil forces. The game offers multitude of weapons to choose from. There is quite a bit of magic too. The game play is nothing if not immersive and storyline is engaging.

7. Risen 3

This is another offering every RPG lover would like to give a try. This open-world game presents to you loads of fun and adventure. There is a big world to explore. There is the world you must save from the evil. You are the flagbearer of humanity and must save it from the doom and devastation. There are plenty of quests and objectives allowing more than hundred hours of game play. Being an open-world, you can take as much time as you want to complete the quests though. But remember that the choices made while completing the quest determine its outcome. So, choose wisely. The game requires you to develop skills and abilities of the player. As you level up the player, you gain access to more powerful and effective weapons and armors.

8. Neverwinter

The fans of Dungeons & Dragons are up for a big treat. And, we are not talking just about the games. There are books and animations too. Here is the Neverwinter game for you right from the enigmatic world of D&D. If you are not acquainted with D&D, do not be discouraged. Even if you are not familiar with any of it, you will still enjoy the game. It offers awesome game play, gripping storyline and stunning graphics. Set in the Neverwinter arena, this MMORPG allows you to play with up to 8 classes. Each class brings its unique set of powers and abilities. You could play this game on Xbox and Steam

9. Age of Conan

This is another MMORPG game you would very likely enjoy if you have enjoyed Skyrim. There are plenty of quests and a big world to explore. This is a class-based game where you get to pick the character from each class. Each class has its own powers and abilities like in Neverwinter. Age of Conan also has a very engaging storlyine that makes for nearly hundred hours of game play. As the game progresses, you must develop your characters and enhance their skills to overpower your enemies. The game is somewhat based on the Conan books, but not entirely. The graphics, audio and interactions will keep you glued to it for several hours. Go for it.

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10. World of WarCraft

World of Warcraft is probably the best MMORPG game ever to be made. Known more popularly as WoW, this game offers an elaborate plotline with lots of playable and non-playable characters. WoW lets you play some of the mightiest characters who not only know the brute force but quite a bit of tactics too. But, the game is not just about the heroes. There are super powerful villains too that you must fight and defeat. The graphics are simply breathtaking. The visuals make sure that you have an immersive gaming experience. There are plenty of ways you can customize your characters too.

11. Dragon’s Dogma

This is another very exciting open-world game that lets you roam around the map at a leisurely pace and allows you to take all the time in the world to complete the quests. There are different factions to choose from. Your choice determines the type of skills, abilities and powers you gain and the kind of fighter you become. The combat system varies by faction and this is something which spices up the game even more. You can form a team with the non-playable characters. The team helps you in achieving your objectives. It is must play game for Skyrim fans.

12. Divinity 2

Divinity 2 is probably the most action-oriented game on this list. It is quite like the hack and slash style where you need to use brute force to overpower enemies. Yes, the game gets brutal and gory at times. Just like the other RPG games, your character has some innate capabilities and powers. But, in order to proceed you must acquire new skills and abilities and evolve the character during the course of the game play. Besides the primary quests, there are additional objectives to achieve, which obviously do not impact the storyline. There are loads of non playable characters as well that make your game all the more interesting.

13. Gothic 3

Gothic 3, like its predecessors (and the other games on this list), is a role playing game, but with a twist. The game is more about survival and evolving the character over time than using brute force and overpowering the enemies. Yes, there are plenty of fights with the monsters and evils. But, mostly you must kill to live and not live to kill. Once you have evolved your character to a certain level and gained the respect of your co-faction members, you must form an enemy and attack the enemy towns. Tactics and strategy are the bedrocks of the game. So, you need to stay patient.

14. The Witcher 2 – Assassins of Kings

We have talked about Witcher 3, the newer installment of the series. So, you must wonder why this game must make it to the list. The reason is pretty simple. It is an awesome game that offers incredible game play. Just like Witcher 3, you control the character Geralt. The hero must must use magic and combat skills to defeat the monsters who are causing unrest in the world. In the beginning you are incarcerated for wrongly convicted of murdering the king. You must find your way out of the prison and catch the true culprit to prove your innocence.

15. Kingdoms of Amalur – Reckoning

Kingdoms of Amalur is perhaps the most underrated and lesser known game in this category. But, we have played it and are confident it must be the part of this list. It is a class-based game and as you must have already guessed, each class has its own set of abilities and powers. You must develop your character overtime to evolve him into a fearsome, fearless warrior. The combat system of this game is rather unique. You have to be carefully while pressing the button to make sure your hits are well timed.

16. The Elder Scrolls III – Morrowind

Morrowmind is arguably the best game in The Elder Scrolls series so far. In fact, this is the game that propelled this series to immense popularity it enjoys today. We would say that the game play experience is quite unmatchable. Morrowmind is a little more than a decade old and that gets you thinking why should it be the part of this catalog. Well, we can only give you the little glimpse of it. You will have to play the game to know it. The game is quite unique and there is a bit of strangeness to it that makes it a must-play.

17. Fallout – New Vegas

Fallout has been an a very popular game series and this game is probably the best of the series. New Vegas is the spin-off of Fallout 3. In this game you play Courier who seeks revenge from those who shot him in the head for some petty bucks. Yes, he was shot in the head and cured. In this open-world game you get to do a lot of things besides completing the main quests. You could roam around aimlessly or kill the enemies. You can also hang out with your friends. You can choose the faction you want to play the game with. Fallout -New Vegas is one of best open world games.

18. Vampire – The Masquerade Bloodlines

There is a good chance you may not have heard of this game. But, make no mistakes for it is a wonderful game to play. Bloodlines isn’t completely an open-world game. There are different zones you can explore freely. But, for large part the game follows a linear course. Nevertheless, it offers a solid game play and unforgettable storyline. There are some adventurous quests and exciting combats. You could choose one of the many clans. Each clan offers a completely different game experience. Miss the game at your own risk.

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19. Fallout 4

It would be remiss of us to not mention Fallout 4 while talking about the pc games like Skyrim. Fallout 4 is another exciting installment from the Bethesda’s very popular Fallout series. Following an intriguing storyline while exploring the New Vegas world is an experience unforgettable. The Fallout 4 world is full of amazing surprises. Of course you can go along the main plot and complete all objectives. Or, you can kill the endless hours with side quests and activities. The game lets you choose the factions to play with. Each faction offers its own game experience.

20. Far Cry 4

Skyrim offered an awesome open-world adventure. That’s probably why you came looking for its alternatives. But, Skyrim is a lot about fantasies and magic and you might want to break out of it. If that’s what you want, Far Cry 4 is what you must go for. There is a huge, open world to explore; the world that’s overspread with enemies and friend alike. Then there are are wild animals to fight or ride. There are vehicles to control. There is a lot you can do.


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