Games Like Age of Empires – The Top 10 Trending List

When the talks are around real-time strategy games, Age of Empires is likely to be the first name to sweep across our minds. Age of Empires series has been synonymous to RTS gaming ever since its launch nearly 2 decades ago. Even today, it continues to be the favorite series of many. The developers have released several titles, spin-offs and many expansion packs since the first release.

If you are an AOE fan, you must have definitely kept yourself caught up with the releases. The last installment was Age of Empires II – Rise of the Rajas expansion pack, which was released in December 2016. It’s been many months since then. There is a good chance you may have already played it out. Microsoft has already announced Age of Empires IV just a few days ago. This installment will be exclusive to Windows 10.

It will be a while before the next title is released. So, what will you do in the meantime? Well, there are plenty of other real-time strategy games you can play while waiting for AOE IV. Here is the list of top 10 games like Age of empires you would love to try.

1. Rise of Nations

Many consider Rise of Nations as the most viable alternative to Age of Empires and most brand it one of the best real-time strategy games ever to be created. The game chronicles the history of the ancient world with 8 ages and 18 civilizations. For most part, the focus of the game remains on the development of the civilization and generation of resources. Each player must evolve in their own territory on the map. The other territories are claimed by the player’s allies and foes. Of course, just like Age of Empires, you can trade with the allies and also build buildings and shops in their territory.

The objective of the game is also much like that of Age of Empires. You must evolve your civilization and advance it to the most modern era or age available to it. While doing all this, you must also fend off the enemy attacks and protect your territory. And finally, when you are ready, you must attack the enemy territories and conquer it. The game is available for $19.99 and you can also play it on Steam. isn’t it one of the best Games Like Age of Empires!

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2. StarCraft 2

Set in the futuristic world of 26th century, StarCraft 2 brings to you the finest real-time strategy game experience you could ever have. The first edition of the series was an instant hit and this installment promises even more incredible game play. The overall plot of the game is pretty straightforward. There are three species in the galaxy in constant fight with each other, each vying to be the sole kingpin of the universe. That’s just an overview though. The game follows a very compelling storyline, which unfolds smoothly during the course of the game play. The main game is titled as ‘Wings of Liberty’, which lets you play as Terran, one of the three species. It also offers two expansion packs that uncover the stories of the other two species namely Zerg and Protoss. The game focuses more on resource management as opposed to resource generation. This makes it a bit different from Age of Empires. You need to make strategies to make the best use of the available resources in order to survive and win the wars. The game is available for $24.99 and you can buy it at

3. Anno Online

Anno Online is another awesome real-time strategy game you can play. This game is browser-based and does not require any installation. It is also totally free. But, ‘free’ is definitely not the best thing about Anno Online. It is indeed one of the best RTS games you can play. Developed by Ubisoft, a leading videogame company, this game offers loads of fun and excitement. The objective of the game is to build your city, generate resources, and make it economically stronger. While doing so, you also need to defend it against the enemies who wish to conquer you. And, when you have enough resources and military strength, you can go out and attack your enemies. The game offers plenty of combats, lots of opportunities to make strategies, and the chance to explore the game map. You can play this game on any computer as long as you have a compatible browser like Chrome and Firefox.

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4. Age of Mythology

The similar sounding name is probably one big reason for you to think this game is one of the finest alternatives to Age of Empires. This game is indeed a lot like Age of Empires as it happens to be its spin-off. It has also been created by the same developers. Quite like AOE, the game focuses on building your city, generating and managing resources, creating an army, defending against the enemy attacks and conquering the enemy cities. However, Age of Mythology has a completely different backdrop. While AOE lets you play as one of the historical civilizations, this game is based on Greek, Norse and Egyptian mythologies. You play as one of these three mythical civilizations. Each civilization has its own strengths, abilities and Gods. To get started you pick a civilization and the primary God. As the game progresses you need to unlock the minor or secondary Gods. While doing so, you acquire new skills and abilities. This game is also available on Steam and you can buy it for $29.99.

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5. Empire Earth

Empire Earth is another popular game in the list of best games like Age of Empires, lets you explore the world history and takes you as far back as the prehistoric era. This RTS game spans thousands of years of history of various civilizations and ultimately leads you to the modern world of nano technology. The game play is also very similar to that of Age of Empires. You need to build your city by gathering resources and constructing the buildings. You must also gradually populate your city with citizens and military men. During the course of the game play, you defend the city against the enemy attacks. And, once you are militarily strong enough, you go out and attack other civilizations. The game also introduces a new feature called “Hero”. You can create “Strategist” and “Warrior” heroes. While former helps demoralize the enemies and heal its own unites, the latter gives more morale to your units. Both of them combined together can increase the abilities and strength of your units manifolds.

Empire Earth is an incredible RTS game. What’s even more amazing is that it is priced at just $5.99.

6. Command and Conquer – Tiberium Alliances

It will not be an exaggeration to say that Command and Conquer is a cult game. This game offers a tight storlyine where you get to play multiple campaigns as many different factions. This real-time strategy game offers to you everything that is military. Here, you not only build the city or make it economically stronger by gathering and managing resources. In this game you build military bases and grow them. C&C, for a large part, is a survival game. You must create strong defenses in order to keep the enemies at bay. But as the game progresses, you must grow your military and take the fight out to the enemy territories. If you love RTS games and do not wish to spend a lot of money, C&C is a perfect choice for you. It is free to download and play.

7. Empire

Here comes another excellent real-time strategy game for the gamers who love this genre. Empire is a multiplayer game and pits you against the other humans playing and controlling the enemy empires. Empire offers the backdrop of medieval history. The objective of the game is simple. You must build your empire from the scratch and create impenetrable defense to survive. Everyone who plays with you is not your enemy. You can forge alliance with other empires and build trade relationships. The game lets you build buildings, military bases, castles, and other structures. You also need to gather resources to strengthen the economy. The game involves lots of strategies as well. You not only need to defend your empire but attack and conquer other empires as well to complete the game. In spite of offering so much, Empire is still a free game to play. Fans of Age of Empires must definitely give it a try.

8. Warcraft III

WarCraft series of games needs no introduction, especially if you are someone who loves to play real-time strategy games. The series is known to offer the perfect fusion of RTS and extreme fantasy. Warcraft line of games have been massively addictive and the 3rd installment is no different. Like the other games in the series WarCraft 3 offers both – the story mode and multiplayer gaming. The storyline, laid out on the expansive map, is pretty engaging and extensive. The game offers view of incredible landscapes including breathtaking seas, rivers, and mountains.

WarCraft 3 is much Age of Empires insofar as gathering and managing resources, building the city, buildings, and military units. At the same time, you need to train your units so that they can defend your city and also attack enemy territories when the time comes. You also need to explore the map and unravel the new locations. The game is available on for $9.99.

9. Etherium

The game is all about etherium and considered one of the best games like Age of Empires. Well, that’s the name of the game so what else it would about be? Etherium is a powerful mineral that can make any empire the greatest of all. There is one planet with rich deposits of this mineral. Then, there are three empires who fight over the deposits. Having complete and exclusive access to the deposit would mean universe domination. That is the storyline of the game – pretty much. But, there is more to it. The game offers both story mode and multiplayer mode. The player can choose any one of the empires to begin the game. The objective is simple! Fight with the other empires and gain full control over the invaluable resource called etherium. In order to be strong, you need to gather resources, build military units and acquire new weapons, skills, powers and abilities. You can get this game on Steam for $14.99.

10. The Settlers Online

The Settler is another wonderful RTS game you can play. It has proven to be a good alternative to Age of Empires, especially because it offers excellent game play and is free of cost. The game, however, is not completely free. There are some in-app purchases that give you more strength and abilities, which you may need to proceed. However, if you have the right strategies in place, you may win even without the purchases. The Settlers is a browser-based game. Which means you do not need any installation.

The game is set in the medieval era and much like the other RTS games, you need to gather and manage resources and evolve your kingdom. You also need to build military units to defend your territory and also attack and conquer other territories. The Settlers offers more than a hundred hours of game play. There are hundreds of levels to advance through and many abilities and features to unlock. There are plenty of in-game missions as well to keep you engaged all the time.

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