Have You Played Factorio? Here’s Just For You 10 Best Factorio Mods for 2020

Factorio is a popular, real-time, strategy game that is now available on Steam Early Access. The developers intend for a full Steam release somewhere in 2018. The original Factorio game is pretty exciting in itself. And, the game is made even more exciting by some amazing mods it supports. The games community is very active and has developed over 1,500 mods in less than 3 years.

Unfortunately, many mods have gone obsolete since the release of the 0.15, the latest version of the Factorio game. The good news is that the community never stopped producing new mods. There are still hundreds to choose from. These mods not only make the gameplay more effective but also introduce several new elements of fun. In this article, we rally the 10 best Factorio mods for 2020. Take a look.

1. FARL – Fully Automated Rail Layer

Railway has remained as one of the most crucial aspects of the Factorio game. Those who use railway as their primary commute mode can enjoy numerous benefits with this mod. In simple words, it can make their life easier and gameplay more exciting.

The Factorio players who are used to railway know that maintenance and management could be pretty tricky and demanding. FARL makes sure things become more convenient for you. It lets you remove or place various components with incredible ease. For instance, you can place the rails or even remove them without any hassles. Similarly, you can install the signals and poles as well. If the rail path is obstructed, FARL helps you clear it out. It lets you remove trees, rocks and all types of obstacles.

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2. Bottleneck

Even the best-planned games can sometimes go sideways. Unpredictability is the part of the fun but sometimes you wish things were easier. For instance, production is an integral part of the gameplay and if it gets halted due to bottlenecks in the plants or assemblers, your game gets affected.

Thankfully, there is the Bottleneck mod that alerts you with indicators whenever there is a problem with production. It uses three colors for this purpose – green, yellow and red. Green means that all is good and the production unit does not require any attention. Yellow means some trouble but not exactly very serious. Red means there is something more alarming that must get your immediate attention. Please remember not to leave yellow indicated areas unattended for too long as they may quickly turn into red.

3. Rail Tanker

We know how important oil is. This is why it is important to have a proper method to transport the oil from the reserves. The traditional and default method is to use the piping and barrel. But, you can say that is not something very effective or efficient. So, you must be looking for something more convincing. This is where Rail Tanker mod comes to use. It makes oil transport way more convenient by introducing oil tankers. An oil tanker can store half as much as the storage tanker. Also, it is quite inexpensive to create. The tankers can be placed on a train. This allows you to transport a large quantity of oil at a time. Incredible! Isn’t it?

4. Resource Spawner Overhaul

When you have consumed the resources in Factorio game you can count on them getting spawned again (they do). But, the problem is that they spawn at random places and more often than not transportation becomes quite a task. Thanks to the new RSO mod, you can have the resources spawn at specific regions that are almost always more convenient than the default, random locations. What I really liked is that if the spawned region is too far from your location, the mod will grant you additional resources.

The mod also gives you the freedom to choose whether or not a particular resource will appear in a specific area. For instance, If you need more oil than any other resource, you can customize for more of it to spawn and more frequently too.

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5. Factorissimo 2

The regular players of Factorio games must already be aware of the Factorissimo mod. Factorissimo 2 has been re-engineered for the most updated version of the game. This mode will now give you access to three new factory establishments. Each building is of different size. These buildings also carry new and better-looking textures. You can easily upgrade these buildings from the initial level to introduce new production sections and connections. The mod also gives you the complete preview of the interiors of the building. You can see the piping, lighting, machines, solar panels etc.

6. Quarry

So far, ore patch had been the only way to mind the ores of all kinds. But, quarry mod eliminates the need to use the patch, which often doesn’t work. Quarry is not an instant process and takes a long time. That’s one of its biggest drawbacks. However, there are some regions where the resources are scant and patches just don’t work. Therefore, the quarry is the only way to mine the ores.

Quarry has its own set of benefits as well. For instance, it lets you choose the type of material you wish to mine, which patch does not. You can even extract oil using quarry. Once the quarry has been set up the mining process becomes a bit faster.

7. Aircraft

If you are looking for new aircraft in the Factorio game, Aircraft mod is the one you should get right now. This mod gives you four different types of airplanes including Gunship, Jet, Cargo, and Flying Fortress). What’s even better is that this mod also provides the additional accessories and equipment with aircraft.

The biggest drawback of this mod is that its crafting costs quite a lot. If you have just begun playing or haven’t reached out near the end, you may not have enough to afford the aircraft. However, if you have played the game quite a bit and are looking for some final fun, this mod could be an amazing experience. Air combats can be thrilling and aircraft is the perfect way to have those battle moments.

8. Orbital Ion Cannon

Orbital Ion Cannon is probably the best premium combat mod for all types of gamers. Many expert gamers call it the most thrilling mods ever to be released for this game. This mod can be extremely effective in the battles. The ion blast alone can be as strong as up to two thousand explosion damages. It can also cause more than five hundred impact damage as well.

Orbital Ion Cannon is fast to craft. You can have it ready in a little over one minute.

What you need to know is that it is one of the most expensive premium mods and consumes a huge share of resources. You also require an additional component called Rocket Silo to thrust it into space. But, the results completely justify all the costs. When you have the mod ready to be deployed, there is nowhere the enemies can escape.

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9. Bio Industries

If you want your game to go the eco-friendly and greenway (only virtually) then Bio Industries is the mod you would like to have. As the name suggests, the game is all about having a greener ecosystem of this planet. This mod lets you produce more wood easily makes sure the pollution levels are reduced, and also allows you to produce a variety of bio fuels. The mod also lets you put several solar panels together to create a single, more powerful unit. Bio Industries also gives you more craftable structures and buildings. It also adds several new recipes to Factorio. In simple words, it helps you diversify the game.

10. The Fat Controller

We started this list with a railway mod and we also end it with one. FARL itself was about better railway management but The Fat Controller takes things even further. In fact, if you are the one who uses the railway extensively in the game, you can use both these mods in conjunction.

The Fat Controller is all about monitoring the movement of the trains so that you can regulate them better. This mod lets you follow the entire railway system in the game without having to look up for each train on the map manually. It will show you the list of the activities of all the trains including there arrival and departure time and destinations, the places where they stopped and at what time, and whether or not the trains are running on time.


If you are a Factorio fan, I am confident you will love the enhanced gameplay experience these Factorio mods have to offer. These mods make logistics more manageable, add new resources to the game, help you spawn resources more frequently, extract the resources from locations where you didn’t know they existed, make you more combat-ready, cause more damage to the enemy and do so much more. The mods are easy to download and plug into your game.

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