Here’s Your Quick Guide To Get Facetime For Android- 100% Working

Whatever Apple creates somehow almost always becomes desirable. Whether it’s a mobile device, tablet, computer, or simply an app, Apple’s glimpse of excellence is unavoidable. Facetime was supposed to be another video calling app when it was first introduced on the iOS platform. It wasn’t the first app of its kind and wasn’t also going to be the last. But, in a very short span of time, it became a rage among the iOS users. Such was its popularity that video calling became synonymous to ‘Facetime.’

Just like any other Apple app, Facetime too was made exclusive only to the Apple products including iOS devices and Mac. This means, if you wished to make Facetime video calls, you must own one of the Apple devices. This is apparently a marketing strategy that seems to have worked very well in the company’s favor. They design great products and create great apps exclusive to their products. This, in turn, makes their products more desirable.

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But, Apple devices are expensive and we don’t deny it. To most people, spending hundreds of dollars only to be able to use one app doesn’t make a lot of sense. Android devices, on the other hand, are available in a wide price range. From budget phones costing as low as less than $100 to premium flagship devices like Samsung Galaxy S series, they have it all. This is why it doesn’t surprise us when Android users come looking for the ways to use Facetime on their device.

As already stated, Facetime is exclusive to Apple’s machines. So, is there a way to get Facetime on Android? Do we have a workaround? In this article, we will discuss various possibilities pertaining to Facetime on Android.


Android is the most widely used mobile platform across the globe. That’s chiefly because it is available in a wide price range. Android also has lots of amazing apps that we use every day. There are plenty of video calling apps too. But, it does not have Facetime.

It is true that not everyone wants to have Facetime on their Android. But, wishing you had it available is not unreasonable at all. Facetime is an easy to use and reliable video calling service.

So, how do we use Facetime on Android?

Android uses the APK file format for its apps. The APK file is like the EXE file for Windows. It is the executable file that is used to install as well as run the apps on Android. Similarly, iOS platform users the IPA file format.

In order for Facetime to work on Android, there should be an APK file for it (something like Facetime.apk). But, currently, there is no such APK file.

The other option is to find a converter which can convert IPA file into APK format. So, is there any such converter?

We have done extensive research on this subject. We have come across some tools that boast successful IPA to APK conversions. We have tried these tools only to find that their claims are bogus. The best they do is sneak in the malware and viruses into your computer. This is why we will recommend you to stay away from such tools. They may cause harm to your computer or mobile.

So, what can we do about Facetime for Android? Unfortunately, there is no way to get this video calling app on Android. We have kept a close eye on the web and there hasn’t been any development so far.  In simple words, we cannot use Facetime on Android. Not yet!

But, do not be disheartened. Android supports some incredible video calling apps. In fact, the popular video calling apps on Android offer cross-platform compatibility. So, if you need to video call your friend using iOS, you can use one of these apps instead. For instance, you can use WhatsApp, which almost everyone uses at this time.

Let us now look at the best Facetime alternatives you can use on Android.


Here is the list of the video calling apps you can use on your Android device as Facetime alternatives:

#1. Skype

Skype continues to remain as one of the most widely used video calling services. It is arguably the best Facetime alternative as well. However, unlike Facetime, which is dedicated to video calling only, Skype is a multi purpose messaging service that not only supports video calls but also lets you make voice calls, send text and picture messages, and share documents. The truth is, Skype was once synonymous to video calling. When we had to make the video call or start a video conference, we used to say ‘let’s Skype.’ Even though various video calling services have emerged in the past few years, Skype is still used extensively by individuals and professionals alike. It is an integral part of the corporate communications worldwide. So, if you don’t have Facetime, use Skype for high-quality video calling. It is a cross-platform app. And of course, you will want to know that Skype is now owned by Microsoft.

#2. Google Duo

Google Duo is a relatively new video calling app in the market. It is not as popular as Skype or Facetime. However, just like Facetime app for Android, Duo is a dedicated video calling app available on almost all the platforms including Android and iOS. Since Duo hasn’t gained much recognition yet, there is a chance the person you wish to connect to may not have this app. But, we have used this video calling tool and are confident it will be more commonplace than today. Duo is indeed an excellent app. It offers crystal clear sound and HD quality video calling provided your device and internet connect support it. Duo is meant to replace the video calling feature of Google Hangouts. It comes pre-installed on the new Android devices.

#.3 Line

Line is similar to the other video calling apps in a number of ways. However, it also offers unique features and services. Line is not just a video calling app but an entire social media platform. It allows you to post your own status just like any other social media services. You can also like and comment on the status updates of the people connected to you on Line. Besides video calling, Line also allows you to make voice calls and send text and picture messages. You can also make international calls to mobile and landline phones. However, premium rates apply for international calling.

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#4. OoVoo

ooVoo is another popular video calling app you would like to use as the alternative of Facetime for Android. It is quite like the other video calling services we have listed so far. But, there is one big difference. OoVoo lets you make group video call to up to 12 people at a time. This isn’t something you will find with other free video calling apps including Facetime. OoVoo is largely free but there are some in-app purchases. You can also buy the premium version of the app for the ad-free experience. The app uses advanced technologies to offer high-quality audio and video.

#5. Facebook Messenger

Messenger is one of the most widely used messaging services worldwide. This app can serve as a Facetime alternative for it lets you make free video calls to other Messenger users. But, it is a multipurpose app that supports not only video calls but text chat, picture messaging, and voice calling. You can connect to the other users also using Messenger. This app helps you communicate with the other Facebook users. This means you must have a Facebook account in order to use Messenger. In fact, it is the extension of Facebook instant messaging service that you see on the right side of the web browser upon accessing Facebook. Messenger is a standalone app that works independently of other Facebook services. This means it does not display notifications from Facebook. It only notifies you of video calls and other messages. So, the Facebook messenger may be the best choice if looking for the alternative of Facetime on Android.

Here is another awesome chatting and video calling app you must try on your Android phone –Kik App.


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