20 Best Skyrim Mods That Makes It a Better Game!

Skyrim is a fantastic game with an awesome story line, incredible game play, excellent graphics, and more than hundred hours of fun. The game is highly addictive – one of the best role playing games ever to be made. But, even with all that, it has its limits. Once you have completed all the objectives and played it to the end, there isn’t much more left for you to do. Or is there? Thanks to the vast, tireless mods community of the game there is always something new you could add to Skyrim.

There are plenty of mods to add new quests, adventures, arenas and a lot more. There are new landscapes to behold, more challenging enemies to be defeated, and more dungeons to be explored. Then there are some mods that simply enhance the graphics and make the game visually more appealing.

In this article, we round up the top 20 Skyrim mods to make sure your quest for fun never ends. These mods put together can add hundreds of hours (literally) to the original game play. Take a look!

 1. 2K Textures

Skyrim was released several years ago. While it is still one of the most acclaimed roles playing games, it still lacks in visuals and textures as compared to the games of today. You would probably remember that an HD patch was released a while back, which enhanced the visuals to a great extent. But, 2K Textures takes the display to a whole new level. You could add textures of up to 4K resolution. That’s truly incredible. But, you must have a high-end computer with top specs in order to use this mod. Also, installing the mod may impact the game FPS as well. But, 2K Textures makes the game way more appealing and it is acceptable even if it comes at the cost of fps. This is one of the best Skyrim graphics mods.

2. Relighting Skyrim

Skyrim is a great game with great visuals. When it was released, in its time it offered the best graphics. But, it did have some glitches of its own. If you are a keen observer and have played the game, you will notice that the lights falling on the objects in the game are not always directional. Some of the lights make no sense at all as you cannot track its source. In simple words, it has many lights that should not be there. Thankfully, this can be easily fixed with the Relighting Skyrim mod. This mod restructures the lighting arrangement to make it more reasonable. With this mod, you will only see the light that really makes sense.

3. Alternate Start

Yes. We have thoroughly enjoyed this awesome game. It has a big storyline that affords you hours of game play. There is so much you can do during the course of the game. And yet, there is only so much you can do. Once you have played it all out, there is nothing left for you. This is the time when you wished there was more to this incredible game. Well, your wish is fulfilled. Alternate Start, as the name suggests, offers you completely new ways to start the game all over again. You can also choose new characters as well. This makes the game all the more interesting. What’s really amazing is that you don’t have to install this mode separately. It is built into the game.

4. Apocalypse Spells

Thanks to the mods, the Skyrim game has become all the more amazing. Apocalypse Spells is another incredible mod that makes the game play so much more exciting. As the name suggests, it gives you access to lots of spells. To be more precise, it adds a total of 140 spells to the game. With the new spells at your disposal, you could defeat your enemies more easily. For instance, you could call the storm in the enemy area to wipe out everything in sight.

5. Cutting Room Floor

Skyrim offers one of the best game plays you will find in the RPGs. There are hundreds of hours to be spent playing the game. But, even if you have spent a long time in the game and completed all your objectives, you may still have missed out a lot. This is because a lot of things were edited out of the game. With Cutting Room Floor mod, you can have almost all the elements of the game restored that were removed from the official edition. This could be real fun.

6. Moonpath to Elsweyr

What everyone has really loved about Skyrim is the vast and overwhelming gaming landscape it offers. As already mentioned, there is over hundred hours of game play. But, once you have played it all out and explored every last bit of it, you tend to get bored even when your heart says play more. Thanks to this mod, you now have the opportunity to add new landscapes and fresh game play and enjoy the extended hours. But, that is not all. This mod adds some new quests to the game as well. There is more to explore now.

7. Duel Combat Realism

There are plenty of battles in Skyrim. But, you must have noticed that the fights usually seem unreal. It’s a game and we expect that much. But, sometimes you wished it was a bit more realistic; or probably more challenging. Duel Combat Realism adds the touch of ‘realism’ you have been looking for. You cannot take your eyes off the stamina bar or else survival will become difficult. With this mod, you need more tact and strategy to win the fights. This is why it is one of the best Skyrim mods.

8. Monster Mayhem

Skyrim has many monsters you need to beat. But, if you are an ardent monster slayer, the count may fall short to your liking. You could go on a monster slaying spree but seeing the same creatures repeatedly is going to get monotonous. But, there is a treat for the monster slayers. Monster Mayhem mod introduces lots of new monsters for you to fight and slay. With new creatures lurking around the landscape, the game becomes even more exciting. Go ahead and give it a try. You will love it.

9. Bandolier Extra Inventory

Skrim offers a vast game play with tons of items to choose from and add to your inventory. But, the problem is that there isn’t a lot you can keep in the inventory as the space is quite limited. Imagine you have some great items in the inventory, which is already full and then you stumble upon another great item you would like to keep. In order to add the newly discovered item to your inventory, you must get rid of an existing item to make space. That could be heartbreaking. But, that’s something Bandolier Extra Inventory takes care of for you. It expands the inventory size allowing you to pick new items without having to drop anything.

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10. Reverse Crafting

While playing Skyrim, when you come across a low-end, rather useless looking item, you tend to ignore it and move on. For instance, there is a knife that couldn’t be of great use, you will not pick it up and add to your inventory as it will serve no purpose ever. But, what if it did? With Reverse Crafting mod you can recycle the items that seemingly appear useless into something useful. In other words, you have the raw material to be crafted into something you could use in future.

11. Castle Volkihar Redux

If you have the ‘thing’ for grand, imposing castles, here is the perfect mod for you. This mod does not give you just any other castle. What you get is a monument with an impeccable built and design with even the finest details taken into consideration. Your new castle has ghostly looking corridors and some uncanny, mysterious dungeons too.

12. Open Cities

We know that Skyrim is a wonderful game. But, we also know it is not perfect. It has its own share of flaws. And, there are some things that can be truly frustrating, such as the loading screens. Unfortunately, Skyrim has a lot of them. We don’t mind it anymore. We have the Open Cities mod that removes these loading screens and lets you wander freely around the city.

13. Jedi of Skyrim

Skyrim isn’t even remotely related to Star Wars. But, what if you are the fan of both. Wouldn’t you like to have some element of the latter fused into the game? If that’s your wish, it’s granted. This mod gives you access to the very famous Light Saber from the Star Wars series. But, it’s just not the light saber you get to have fun with. There is more such as new abilities to play the mind tricks and more. Honestly, this mod doesn’t enhance the game play much, but it is good for some quick fun.

14. Tundra Defense

Skyrim is the game packed with lots of fights, plenty of battles and loads of action. But, every warrior needs a break once in a while to rejuvenate and replenish his energy. This is where Tundra Defense comes into the picture. It adds a side-mission to the game, which would not affect your game play even if remains unaccomplished. Well, it lets you build a tower and you must defend it.

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15. Falskaar

This mod is for the extended game play and in the true sense. Falskaar adds almost 25 hours to the overall game play. It adds a completely new continent to the game map. It has its own quests and landscapes. There are a number of new adventures and side-objectives. In fact, Falskaar is a complete game in itself with the exception that it doesn’t run independently. It must be installed with Skyrim.

16. Return of Atlantis

If you wish to explore the long lost city of Atlantis while playing your favorite game Skyrim, here is your chance. This mode adds extended game play to this RPG and makes it a little more interesting. Although it is a whole new world this mod offers, yet it blends with the overall game play and doesn’t look out of place. There are plenty of beautiful landscapes, quests, characters, and dungeons to explore. Most of your time will be spent exploring the many chambers of the dungeon. This mod adds more than 4 hours of extended game play to Skyrim.

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17. ThirteenOrange’s Quests

This is another incredible Skyrim mod that adds lots of new quests to the game play. We have played the quests and found most of them really awesome. These quests go really well with the Skyrim lore and the overall theme of the game. The quests are not just about mindlessly fending off the enemies. There is more to it. Completing the quests will require a certain bit of strategy and planning. And, you will have to solve some puzzles too. If you have explored all of what the original Skyrim has to offer and want to have some more fun, we will highly recommend this mod to you.

18. Rabbit Hole Dungeon

This mod gives you access to a whole new dungeon to explore. But, this dungeon isn’t just horizontal. It goes deep down like a rabbit hole (that’s what the name is about). What looks like an endless pit is, in reality, a deep burrow with fifty levels. Well, this simply means there is a lot of adventure and fun to be had. While exploring the dungeon you will run into all sorts of enemies who you must defeat in order to clear the level and go deeper down. With 50 different levels, you encounter 50 different types of enemies too, each stronger than the one before. Once you have played all the levels you must think there is nothing more to the dungeon. Think again! Get out of the dungeon and go back again. This time it would have changed to offer you new enemies and adventure.

19. Way of the Monk

Ever wondered how would it feel like fighting the enemies in the game completely unarmed and unarmored? Well, if that’s something you ever fancied, you will truly love the Way of the Monk mod. The mod takes away all your weapons and armors and makes you fight the enemies with but your bare hands. Those who have played the game all out and are seeking new adventures will find this mod quite interesting.

20. Enderal

It must have taken a very long time for the developers to create this mod. Enderal introduces an extended 100 plus hours to the original game play. Get this mod and we wouldn’t blame you if you feel it is a complete game on its own. That being said, we would also like to add that the mod doesn’t seem to be too different from the Skyrim world as far as the game play is concerned. The soul and essence of the game remain intact while it gets new landscapes and quests.

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