31+ Best Rainmeter Skins for Windows PC (2020)

Microsoft has tried to make its native desktop application a bit dynamic with Windows 8 and Windows 10. However, it still leaves a lot to be desired. When you have to stare at the same desktop for days and months you are bound to get bored. In fact, there is a chance you may completely start ignoring the desktop. However, things can change and they most definitely do with Rainmeter.

Rainmeter is a Windows application that can completely transform the way your desktop looks. The looks, however, are not what this tool is all about; it also makes your desktop way more functional. What’s most amazing about Rainmeter is that it supports hundreds of skins. This means you will never run out of beautiful options. In this article we round up the;

31+ Best Rainmeter Skins to Brighten up your Windows PC (2020).

1. IssInfo

If you like everything that is outer space, IssInfo is the theme for you. This theme gives you the sneak peek into the glittering starts, location of the international space stations, constellations and so much more. IssInfo can make your desktop even more amazing. It also provides some awesome stats and facts from time to time.

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2. Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones is the TV series that needs no introduction. For all the fans of this very popular show, here is the Rainmeter skin for you. This skin has some incredible collection of GoT wallpapers of different moments from the timeline. The theme also lets you edit the icons on the dock.

3. Epure

If you are looking for a Rainmeter theme that makes it extremely easy to monitor your computer without losing the touch of beauty, Epure is the one for you. This theme packs some awesome animations and graphics. What’s more amazing is that the theme is very customizable. Also, it supports many European languages.

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4. Himawari-8

Himawari-8 is the app that keeps you up to date with the whether in the Pacific. So, if you happen to live in a Southeast country, Japan, Hawaii or even Australia, this app can be a good choice for you. The information is updated in every 10 minutes. The skin picks the information from the reliable weather sources. It also has a pretty good looking display.

5. Enigma

Enigma is one of the best Rainmeter themes designed for Windows 10 and you will be surprised to see how it completely transforms the display into something incredibly beautiful. The skin sticks to minimal design and yet manages to hold on to beauty. Engima rainmeter is also very customizable and offers a user friendly display.

6. Def Blue Space 1.5

If you use dual monitors or screen, you will like to consider Def Blue Space 1.5 Rainmeter skin. This theme is primarily an assortment of a variety of applets picked from a number of developers. The theme also lets you install HWInfor and SpeedFan allowing you access to even more features.

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7. X2ui 1.2

If you wish to lend a more futuristic look to your computer, this is the Rainmeter theme to have. In fact, your screen may look like the monitor of an alien spaceship. The theme is very geeky and there are tons of graphs and numbers in it. The theme is best for those who love the touch of geekiness.

8. Dark Music Player

Dark Music Player also looks like a high-tech resembling skin. But, what’s amazing is that it also doubles as a music player. If you are bored of VLC or other regular media players, you could give Dark Musi Player a try. The theme supports various music formats as well as iTunes. The controls are easy to use too. Go ahead give it a try.

9. Alignment Grids

If you want to have several Rainmeter skins on your desktop at one particular time, Alignment Grids can help you here. You will need Rainmeter 3.2 or later version to use this skin. It can give you up to 3 x 3 grid, which can be accessed using the Aspect button. Having this skin is like having multiple desktops on the same computer.

10. Silmeria Dock Honeymoon

Silmeria Dock Honeymoon is not just a good looking skin, it is also a good utility to have. It enhances the functionality of your Windows and gives you quick access to various apps and utilities. You can also save shortcuts and bookmarks in it. It is a simple and very effective Rainmeter weather skin.

11. Mangotsfield

Mangotsfield is one of the most customizable rainmeter skins you will find. It features a simple yet beautiful design and makes sure all the necessary shortcuts are easy to access. It also has several useful applets that can be arranged to your liking. All in all, it is a nice skin to have.

12. Piano Skin

If you love to play digital piano, there is a good chance you will like this skin. It not only brings the piano wallpaper to your desktop but also an 88-key, playable piano. This skin works well on Windows 10 desktops. If you have the touch screen on your PC, it will be all the more fun.

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13. iSteve

Get ready to give more power to your desktop with iSteve skin. As you may have guessed, the skin is named after the late businessman Steve Jobs. The design is minimal and yet very appealing. It comes with tons of applets to make your PC experience more amazing.

14. G-Bar V2

I’d say this is one of the best rainmeter skins I have come across recently. It is nothing like any other skins you may have seen so far. What makes it even more amazing is that it links itself to the other skins. The impressive built and an appealing display make it a must try skin.


ADIAN BOLON AERO is an extremely good looking, impressive and elegant Rainmeter skin. But, it is not just about the beauty; the skin is highly functional too. It supports tons of applets and displays a variety of information including CPU usage, internet usage, weather, and more.

16. B’Loved

Again, B’Loved is a minimal Rainmeter skin with an incredible appeal to it. It has a bookshelf bar placed somewhere in the middle of the display. The bookshelf carries various applets. You can customize which applets you would like the bookshelf to have.

17. Mod Dark Glass

If you like the curved edges and dark, rough, futuristic look, Mod Dark Glass is the skin for you. This skin looks pretty refreshing and very different from the others. But it is not just about the looks; the skin also offers utilitarian value with various applets and tons of customization options.

18. P I L E U S Suite

If you like the medieval feel to a theme, you are going to like P I L E U S Suite for sure. While most of the theme focuses on black and white, it also has parchment textured backgrounds as well. Of course, it has all the necessary applets you may need.

19. Omnimo 6.0

If you would like the feel of Windows mobile interface on your desktop, Omnimo 6.0 would be the perfect Rainmeter skin for you. This skin transforms your PC completely and brings the card styled arrangement to your desktop. It is an open-source skin and allows plenty of customization choices.

20. Hero

HTC Hero was a pretty popular phone. If you have used it, you would probably like to have your PC look like it. So, here is the Hero styled skin for you (also named after it). It is a good looking and functional theme with tons of options for customization.

21. ABP 1.2

ABP 1.2 is not exactly a simple Rainmeter skin. At first, it may seem to have made your desktop a tad cluttered. However, once you have worked your way around it you will find it pretty useful. It lays out plenty of information and a number of shortcuts. It is just about getting used to it.

22. Before Dawn RM

Before Dawn RM adds a horizontal bar across your screen and gives you quick access to a variety of shortcuts to various apps and web links. You may also insert the RSS feeds on this bar. Before Dawn RM is a useful skin but not necessarily very attractive or versatile.

23. Figures for Rainmeter

As the name suggests, this skin focuses a great deal on graphics. The elements of this skin are circular lending it a very elegant appeal. The skin looks very futuristic and gives you quick access to a number of details and shortcuts.

24. drkMINIML

This theme is pronounced as Dark Minimal and it definitely lives up to its name. The skin offers a completely uncrowded look. Most of the space remains empty. The applets are snapped around the corner (usually on the bottom).

25. Cntr

Cntr is also a little complicated theme but offers high functionality. It is not the most visually appealing skin too. It gives you quick access to calendar, music players, RSS feed, app launchers and more. You can customize the skin tone as well as transparency.

26. Pragmatic 3.0

Pragmatic 3.0 is a lightweight, highy configurable, and good looking theme. In fact, it offers more than 20 configurations to play with. Pragmatic is very customizable too. It brings all the information you may need on your desktop.

27. Work Launcher

The best thing about Work Launcher is that it can go well with all types of desktops. This is because it is very customizable. You can not only change the colors to your liking but also the overall layout.

28. July Flat’ish 2.0

This is a card-styled theme that places various shortcuts and details on the screen. It is not the best theme around but it is definitely worth a try. The skin offers lots of options to customize too.

29. Switchin

If you like the Mac feel on your Windows PC, Switchin would be a nice theme to try. It does not completely resemble with the OS interface but tries to keep up with it. This skin does not have the dock on the bottom but a floating one around the top.

30. Wisp

Wisp is a catchy theme with a difference. It brings all the necessary stats and details in the form of bars placed nicely on the screen. It is not a traditional styled theme and thus offers a completely refreshing look.

31. Glasses

Glasses is most definitely one of the most elegant skins you will find on the internet today. As the name suggests, this skin gives a glass like feel to the desktop. It also supports a number of widgets and applets to add more functionality to your desktop.

32. Radiation

When you install Radiation skin the first time, the default appearance will blow your mind away. But, the developers made sure not to tie the theme up with their ego. This is why they offer tons of customization options to tweak the skin to your liking.


If you work on your computer or laptop for hours every day, the same, dull background could bring in monotony. Even if you change the wallpapers regularly, you may still get bored of it. Thanks to Rainmeter, your desktop can become more exciting as well as useful now. Rainmeter supports hundreds of skins and themes that not only make your desktop more visually appealing but also more functional. The above themes will be a delightful change from the regular desktop. Give them a try.

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