The List of The Best GBA Games is Finally Out! Top 10 Featured

Want to delve into the feeling of nostalgia? If you are looking to revisit the days of past through the retro games, Game Boy Advance is the right choice for you. In its time, it was one of the most popular gaming consoles. GBA may have been phased out but a lot of gamers wish to play the yesteryear’s games. To play the games, you can get hold of a handheld GBA console or you can download a GBA emulator on your PC or mobile. Once that’s done, you don’t have to go out looking for the best titles for we have put together this list for you. Following is a list of some of the most played best GBA games. Take a look!

1. Star Wars III – Revenge of the Sith

This is easily one of the best and most exciting games you could play on GBA. Especially, if you are a fan of Star Wars franchise, you will love this incredible saga of action and revenge. In this game, you primarily get to control the character Anakin Skywalker. However, at times you play with many rival characters as well. The game uses a variety of combat techniques, weapons, and special powers. And yes, it has the very famous Light Saber too. Sometimes, the game will enter the fist fight mode, which we found very intriguing. The main objective of the game is to defeat the enemies from the dark. During the game play, you will come across many other sub missions as well.

2. Spider Man – Mysterio’s Menace

Spider Man’s life is full of challenges and this time it is Mysterio who is creating all sorts of troubles in the city. It is now up to Spiderman to defeat the menace and bring peace and order back. This highly action-packed game is sure to give you a rush of adrenaline at times. While swinging between the tall buildings, Spider-Man must reach out to the enemy and defeat them. During the course of the game, Spider-Man will evolve with acquired power-ups. As the game progresses our superhero becomes agiler and more tenacious with the stronger spider suits. The game is easy to play but this does not mean it is not challenging. In fact, there is quite a bit of challenge to keep up your excitement level.

3. Grand Theft Auto (GTA)

We all know what an incredibly successful franchise GTA has been through these years. GTA games have never been about heroes. Your character is more of an antihero and a borderline villain. Yes! You are stealing vehicles and the objectives are all criminal pursuits. The game you play on GBA is an old version as this console has long been discontinued. This iteration of the game continues the storyline that we left in GTA III. This is why, if you have played the previous game, this one will be all the more exciting. But, even if you haven’t played the last one, you will not feel disconnected. It is by far one of the best Game Boy Advance and we are confident you will love it.

4. Pokemon Emerald

If you are a Pokemon fan and also love to play GBA emulator games, it is almost given that you will enjoy this game thoroughly. Many Pokemon games have been created for GBA so far but we have found this one to be the best among the lot. The most amazing thing about this edition is that it brings the best of Pokemon from both the worlds – Sapphire and Ruby. Your objective is to train the Pokemon and put them into fights to emerge as champions. Another exciting aspect of this game is that you get to see several new Pokemon that were not there in its predecessors. The game world has also been enhanced and there is a larger world to play on. Emerald is not just one of the best Pokemon games but also an excellent RPG game.

5. Pokemon Fire Red/Leaf Green

There are lots of gamers and Pokemon enthusiasts who love the stories from the first generation. If you are one of them, this is probably the best GBA game for you. It takes you back to the old region Kanto where you complete all your game objectives. The storyline is pretty solid and game play is amazing. We also really liked the graphics of the game. Another thing we like about it is that once you finish the game with the main storlyline you can trade it with the games from the 3rd generation. You will find a lot of similarities between the two but both are distinct in many ways too.

6. Metal Slug Advance

Several games have been released in the Metal Slug series and many have become quite popular too. But, besides Metal Slug Advance, none of the games from the series was made available on Game Boy Advance emulator. Well, thankfully, this one is is. Advance is an awesome action game and lots of GBA lovers swear by it. There is a lot of shooting and killing as you advance your way through the enemy area. You can play one of the many characters or heroes available. The game also lets you ride vehicles and there are plenty to pick from. If you like shooting games with lots of action and adventure, Metal Slug Advance is a perfect option for you.

7. Final Fight One

This is another shooting game filled with loads and loads of action and adventure. There are mafia bosses and bad guys ruling the city. There are thugs on the street with guns. What you have to do is fight them off and make the city a better place again. At the same time, you must rescue the pretty lady Jessica who is held captive by a mobster. You will love the story line of the game. The game graphics are also pretty awesome. Final Fight One is a very engaging game. The game play may be a bit difficult but there are fighters to help you in your quest.

8. The Legend of Zelda – The Minish Cap

The Minish Cap is easily one of the most amazing games from the Zelda series you will play on your GBA emulator. What we really like about the game is how the story-line progresses. The tight plot keeps the gamers engaged throughout. What makes the game even better is the game play it presents. During the course of the game you must not only kill the enemies and overpower the rivals but also solve the riddles and puzzles. And yes, there is a lot of action too. The overall objective is pretty clear. There is the Hyrule kingdom you must protect from the enemies. There is the Minish Cap you wear which serves as your guide.

9. Contra Advance – The Alien Wars EX

If you are a Contra game lover, you are going to love The Alien Wars Ex for sure. You may find many Contra games for Game Boy Advance but we think there is none like this one. As the name suggests, this time the boys take the fight against the aliens and robotic evil forces. The game play is pretty simple. You have to shoot your way through the enemies to achieve the objectives. The game is divided into many stages with each stage presenting new challenges and difficulties. Contra Advance is all about edge of the seat action and almost no strategy. This is one of the best GBA games of all time.

10. Castlevania – Circle of the Moon

Castelvania series has been known for developing difficult to play games. The games are extremely challenging and achieving the objectives is never easy. This is one of the reasons why they became so popular. While the casual gamers may have not found much in it, the most ardent, hardcore gamers took it up as a challenge. Circle of the Moon follows the same trend and is one of the most difficult games to play. What makes the game even more difficult is that it does not let you save the progress. If the character dies, the game starts over from the beginning.

Hope, you loved our list of best GBA games of all time. And soon, we’ll add up more fresh and best GameBoy Adavnce Games to the list.


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