Top 7 Best Discord Bots to Enhance Your Server

Discord, by far, is the most popular chat client for the game servers. Discord offers plenty of cool features to the server owners as well as the users. Setting up and managing discord is easy. But, when you have a lot of users on your server and various tasks to carry out, things could get a little tricky. This is the time when you wished you could automate some (or many) of your frequent activities. Thanks to some of the incredible cool Discord bots out there, automation is much a reality. Whether you are looking for more effective moderation or more organized communication, the bots do it all for you. Here is a quick look at some of the best Discord bots to improve your Discord server.

 1. Aethex

Aethex is an excellent Discord bot that instantly improves the functionality of this chat client. When used the right way, it can prove to be very useful for the gamers. This bot features a huge collection of new features and commands for Discord. Using multiple bots on your game server could make things a little confusing. When you have Aethex, you hardly need any other bot. This way, bot management becomes much easier. Aethex packs for you variety of features including various social commands, moderation utilities, entertainment tools and more.

Aethex also comes handy when you need to get roll the dice or flip the coin. It’s smart image search feature would quickly look up for the images. Aethex helps you integrate your game to steam so that you can play with your friends and other gamers on the internet. You can search for the new users and send them messages as well. It connects you to sound cloud and YouTube for enhanced music experience. All in all, it is a wonderful bot to have.

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2. TypicalBot

This is another incredible Discord bot you would love to use. TypicalBot gives you access to a wide range of moderations and a number of utilities. It is a multi-purpose bot capable of handling a variety of tasks. What we really like about this mod is that it is very easy to deploy with Discord and even easier to use. It allows you to use a number of moderators simultaneously saving you effort and time.

If you like some entertainment, TypicalBot has some cool features for you. For instance, there is 8ball magic, rolling of the dice and more. It allows you to join the group messages and also view your logs and queues. You can also join or leave queues at will. With TypicalBot communicating with other players on the server becomes quite easy. You can easily send the warning messages and ban the players who are creating a ruckus.

3. Rh1-No

Yes! It rhymes with rhino. This is one of the best Discord bots if you are looking for some easy auto-moderation. By automating a wide range of moderations, it makes sure you save efforts and time. Setting up Rh1-No is incredibly easy and so is using it. If you own the server, you can easily deploy a variety of moderating tools within no time. You can also communicate with the bot quite easily. Just like the other bots on this list, Rh1-No too can carry out various moderation tasks without any hassles. If you want to warn, ban or kick a player, you can do it without any complications. Server owners have to moderate Discord quite frequently and Rh1-No is definitely a must have for them.

4. DisCoid

DisCoid is perhaps the most popular bot for the Discord server at this time. Well, there are reasons why it is so popular. For starters, it offers you a wide range of features that help you improve the functionality of Discord client rather instantly. DisCoid bot makes your server more flexible than before. Discoid bot will quickly pull information about any player on your server. You can also mute the players or simply ban them from the server. It also has a number of commands for memes and jokes. If things are getting tense, this can lighten up the mood of the users on the server.

Music is another thing that this bot enhances on your server. It allows you to stream music from popular sources such as SoundCloud and YouTube. It has a solid media support that lets that gives you access to the basic controls. You can play or pause the music, turn the volume up or down, rewind the track, and more. Discord users should give Discoid a try at least once.

5. Discord Dungeons

There is a special game called Discord Dungeons that’s eponymous to this bot. As you may have already guessed, Discord Dungeons bot allows you and the other players on the server to play the Discord Dungeons game. It may not be the mainstream game but we assure you it is very elaborately designed. When we played the game we were happy we did not miss it. The game has many objectives and fighting and defeating the enemies is one of them. You also need to level up by unlocking the achievements. It also involves a number of adventure activities such as crafting, mining and more. You can also stock up your inventories for better performance. And yes! There are guilds too. So, if you would like to play co-op games with other users on the server, you can do that too. Well, we would say that the game is really fun and good way to kill some time, especially when you have nothing else to do.

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6. Dyno

Fellow Discord gamers, here is another bot from the list of best discord bots you would really like to give a shot. Reasons are quite simple. It adds loads of features to your server in an instant. What we truly love about this bot is that it gives you access to a comprehensive dashboard that you can customize to your liking. It also lets you create announcements for your server. You can use the announcements in many ways. For instance, if you want to set some decorum for the entire server you could announce it to all the users at once. You can also announce when you kick or ban someone or when a new user joins your server. Dyno also helps you manage your server better. It lets you time a number of functions so that you don’t have to be up on your toes all the time. Not only can you time the mutes you can also do that for the bans. Another thing you will like about Dyno is that it helps you maintain a spam free server. It uses an advanced spam detection technology for this purpose. You can stream from YouTube. Unfortunately, Dyno doesn’t support SoundCloud at this time.

7. AwesomeBot

This is another ‘awesome’ multi-purpose bot for your Discord server. This is the bot that takes care of just about everything you need. Well, this is the reason why they call it AwesomeBot. This tool gives you access to a variety of moderation utilities. It has tons of commands as well for easy communication and task management. AwesomeBot is highly customizable and yet very easy to configure. There is an integrated support for media including access to YouTube. The other awesome thing about this bot is that it lets you extend its functionality with JavaScript. With this, you can create live polls on your server and also host the trivia games. It also gives you access to some useful and fun statistics.

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