Best AM3+ CPU Review : A Review of the Best AM3+ CPU by AMD

The processor is the brain of your computer. When looking for improved performance or you want to build a solid gaming computer you will want to use a quality CPU.

When AMD released their new set of Bulldozer and Powerdrive chips for use with AM3+ platforms we viewed this as the hope for techies and gaming experts.

With that in mind, it can be challenging to pick the best AM3+ CPU. Some can turn out to be crappy without much help to your performance issue. If you tend to overclock your computer, then you can attest to waiting for your computer to reboot from a crash now and then, especially when using a CPU that is not up to the task.

That’s why you’ll need to look into a better CPU. An AM3+CPU comes with a larger pin socket than its AM3 predecessor. It also has a faster serial link which translates to its improved performance, power regulation, and excellent power quality specifications.

But do they still hold a place against the competition? Let’s find out.

Best AM3+ CPU Quick Comparison

Model Frequency clock speed/max turbo speed CoresL2 Cache L3 CacheThermal Design Power (TDP)Check Price
AMD FX-95904.7/5.0 GHz8-Core 8MB8MB220WBuy now
AMD FX-83704.0/4.3 GHz8-Core 8MB8MB125WBuy now
AMD FX-83203.5/4.0GHz8-Core 8MB8MB125WBuy now
AMD FX-6300 Black Edition3.0/3.8 GHz6-Core 8MB8MB95WBuy now
AMD FX-83504.0/4.2 GHz8-Core8MB8MB125WBuy now

#Best for PC Builders

1. AMD Octa-Core FX-9590 4.7GHz Desktop Black Edition 8-Socket AM3+

This processor is one of AMD’s 8-core processors, but it’s the first with 5.0GHz max turbo speed. With a base clock of 4.7GHz, this CPU brings in some new groundbreaking frequency for advanced levels of multimedia performance and gaming.

This CPU is designed to work with an AM3+ motherboard which can support 220W TDP and with a dependable cooling liquid since it can run hot if the thermal paste is unmatched. It also needs a motherboard with a fan that can deliver 35CFM airflow capacity.

Other than these specifications, you have an AM3+CPU which gives you total control. This is regarding the unlocked clock multiplier which opens up overclocking potential for your desktop. The AMD overdrive is highly configurable to improve its performance and power draw.

If you are a PC builder, this CPU offers impeccable performance more so if you have the requisite hardware. You can unlock this beast and get the most out of it even if you are not using it for overclocking. For gaming purposes, you will need a dedicated GPU as it does not come with a separate graphics card.


  • It is overclock-ready owing to AMD’s Core 3.0 technology
  • It powers premium motherboards from renowned companies like HP and Microsoft
  • Piledrive architecture gives you 8 powerful CPU cores
  • It has M.2 drive support and USB 3.1 support
  • Designed for PC builders
  • It uses AMD’s Eyefinity technology for ultra-high resolution


  • It needs high-end motherboards that can handle the 220W TDP


#Best for Consumer Desktops

2. AMD FX-8370 8-Core Black Edition AM3+CPU Processor

The AMD FX-8370 is designed to suit multi-core performance users who prefer a quiet motherboard without any heating up. It is one of the processors with a low TDP at 125W. Against the FX-9590, we can call this a winner since it still processes two threads per module to give you 8 CPU cores.

This processor is paired with AMD’s new Wraith Cooler which is virtually silent. The cooler has an AMD–qualified heatsink, fan, and thermal interface for advanced cooling. You’ll be able to use this CPU in a quiet office and never have to get distracted by the fan.

When it comes to controlling, AMD FX-8370 has unlocked clock multiplier which also uses AMD overdrive software for highly configurable performance. It offers a base clock of 4.0GHz but it can be ramp up to 4.3GHz. It matches the performance of standard models, but you get an advantage of fewer cooling concerns.

The AMD FX-8370 is designed to be used with 900-Series Chipset Motherboard with an AM3+ socket. It also uses the same piledriver architecture whose performance is still over the top since its introduction in 2012.

This processor is not only great for everyday use, but it is also good as a decent media-editing rig or gaming PC.


  • High clock rate with up to 4.0GHz base clock and 4.3GHz Turbo speed
  • AMD overdrive technology for overclocking
  • Comes with an AMD-qualified fan and heat sink
  • Low noise operations for daily consumer use
  • Is available in 6 core and 4-core variants


  • It does not score high for demanding gaming PCs


#Best Multipurpose AM3+CPU

3. AMD FX-8320 FX-Series Black Edition

This processor is a 2nd Generation CPU in the line of FX processors by AMD. It has eight processing cores sporting a base frequency of 3.5GHz with a maximum Turbo frequency of 4.0GHz. It has lower clock frequencies than its 8350 counterpart which means it will not need high power consumption.

When looking at the gaming performance, you will want a best amd am3+ cpu for gaming processor that provides the best resolution; in this case frames per second. With new games, this CPU can provide the best possible gameplay as it can manage over 60fps. The game will go extra smooth as it renders high-quality resolution and it can turn on significant in-game IQ setting.

Since this CPU has eight cores, it goes without saying that it has high overclocking speed. It scores higher than the FX-6300 hence you will be able to achieve even more with this model. It is built using piledrive architecture which is more power efficient than the Bulldozer. Its single core tests are not that great when handling single-threaded tasks, but when it brings all the cores together to perform multi-threaded jobs, this CPU is a winner.

Talk of Media creation, editing, and gaming purposes, and this CPU will give you excellent results. With the use of an AM3+ socket, it reduces CPU electrical noise giving you a quiet operation.


  • It is designed to handle more power requirements
  • Provides high-performance computing tasks because of its multi-core operations
  • Supports up to DDR3-1866
  • Power requirements are manageable
  • Provides an immersive gaming experience


  • Adjustable power requirements mean it can draw more for complex tasks which can drive the bills up


#AM3+ Processor on a Budget

4. AMD FX-6300 Black Edition 6-Core Processor

The AMD FX-6300 made its debut around the same time that the FX-8350 was introduced. Being the upgrade of the FX-6200, this CPU is expected to be a better match for you if you want improved performance without any hitches. It has excellent overclocking capabilities at a very low cost. With this processor, you are guaranteed going beyond the limits of speed with a model that is capable of complex gaming activities, 3D modeling, and HD video editing.

Although this CPU has a base clock speed of 3.5GHz, it can go up to 3.8 GHz. With proper cooling maybe a water cooler, some users have gotten a good 4.82GHz speed. This CPU works with dedicated DDR3-1866 memory with ECC and dual-channel support. It does not, however, have an integrated graphics chip. For a complete package, you’ll still need to have a dedicated card.

When it comes to overclocking, this CPU comes with a completely unlocked clock multiplier which is open for use with the AMD overdrive. It has incredible single performance compared to other CPUs in its class. It also scores high in multi-core performance posting better scores than Intel’s Core i3 6100 which is in the same price range.

If you are a budding PC builder, you may want to save some cash by investing in a CPU that is cheap so you may have extra money to spend on other peripherals. With 95W power consumption, you can choose to use it for regular computer work. But if you are going to use it extensively, then you should expect higher power consumption.

Is this processor ready for gaming needs? Well, if you plan to use this beast for high-demanding games like Battlefield, it will perform as it could be expected with a 6-core processor; efficient with high resolution. It may not be the best for MMO since it can be a drag on its single-threaded performance.


  • It’s perfect for gaming CPUs on a budget
  • Remarkable multi-threading performance
  • Great for intensive applications like 3D modeling and video editing
  • Unlocked processor provide tunable performance


  • Not suitable for multi-player gaming


#Best CPU for Gaming

5. AMD FX-8350 FX-Series-Core Black Edition Processor

AMD FX-8350 is the industry’s leading 8-core processor with a base clock of 4GHz. It explores the Bulldozer architecture to the fullest capabilities involving serious overclocking since it can officially turbo to 4.2GHz. It is much faster than the previous CPUs developed by AMD.

This processor performs better in that it comes with significant design improvements which cut execution time in threaded and multi-threaded environments.

The FX-8350 is much like the FX-8150 with its small in size, but it packs more cores. This has reduced its price bringing it at par with Intel’s Core i5-3550. This processor retains the AM3+ socket which we are all about. It supports up to DDR3-1866 which is quite appealing if you are a gamer and looking for a tad more performance.

This CPU has an unlocked multiplier where you can squeeze in more from the processor without crashing your desktop. In open world-action like The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim it can manage 79frames per second, while with Battlefield 3 it can handle 85fps.

It is not only great for gaming purposes, but it will also provide for sophisticated 3D modeling and HD video editing. If your software can indeed take advantage of the eight cores, then FX-8350 is your best bet.


  • Large instruction window via piledrive microarchitecture
  • AMD’s Turbo CORE technology
  • 32 nanometer die shrink reduces leakage
  • It draws less power over time using C6 and CC6 power management
  • Bulldozer architecture unlocks overclocking potential
  • Varied hyper transport technology
  • Up to 29.9 GB/s memory bandwidth for DDR3


  • The cooling fan is a bit loud


Best AM3+ CPU Buying Guide

When you pull a search for an AM3+ CPU, you are immediately hit with a series of processors, that it makes it hard to distinguish which is better than the rest.

What is AM3+CPU?

The AM3+ socket is an upgrade from the AM3 socket by AMD. It is designed to work with AMD CPUs Vishera (piledriver) and Zambezi (Bulldozer). The AM3+ socket carries 938 pins which are larger than AM3 sockets.

This socket redesigns the serial link for its CPU at 3400KHz to the power controller. It is more power efficient for overclocking purposes since the Bulldozer CPUs can clock at 4.0GHz or higher, while sporting less power consumption at 125W for most AM3+CPUs.

Why should you get an AM3+CPU?

First off, AM3+CPUs are priced much lower than other CPUs with the similar capabilities. With the coming of AMD’s Ryzen family, these CPUs are moving quickly especially if you are looking for USB 3.0 or SATA3 support.

Also, AMD provides the easiest upgrades that we have ever seen. You can install an AM3+ socket on an AM3 motherboard, change the graphics card, add the RAM and you will be dealing with a whole new system that boasts more performance than its predecessors.

Which is the best AM3+ CPU for Gaming?

Apart from the graphics card, the CPU is the second most important component of your gaming PC. From the processors on this list, we have recommended the FX-8350 as the best in its category for gaming. This is because it provides stunning resolutions with up to 24% better frame rates than other AM3+CPUs.

Features to consider when Buying an AM3+ CPU

  • Single Core Performance

With a CPU that has at least six cores and nearly the same number of threads, you may wonder why you even need to consider single core performance. A single core performance is seen in the speeds of a program that cannot efficiently use more cores. In this case, if it is a game that is struggling to use more cores to run faster, then you will need a CPU that is great at single core performance.

Desktop operations are also reliant on single core performance especially if the program is not parallelized, the speeds and all the aspects of that program will rely on the single cell performance of that CPU.

  • Multi-Core Performance

Multi-threaded performance significantly increases the performance of any AM3+CPU. The number of cores means that for programs such as video editing, encoding, decoding, virtualization, 3D designing and many others all depend on the number of cores for them to run faster. For programs that need the help of more threads, choosing an AM3+CPU with up to 8-core is the real deal.

  • Clock Speed

This refers to the number of operations that a processor can handle in a second, measured in Gigahertz (GHz). A high clock speed indicates that the processor can manage more tasks than the one with a low GHz. When a multi-core processor uses multiple threads, it distributes the needs of an operation to the cores thus increasing its speed.

Even with high clock speed, a processor can still be slower than one with a lower clock speed owing to the number of cores. For example, an 8-core 3.5GHz will always beat a 6-core 4.5GHz. But if you are looking for a processor with great single core performance, clock speed is not always that important.

  • Turbo Speed

This is also known as the boost speed. Basically, when your computer senses the need for more clock speed, the CPU will automatically increase this speed for a short period until the performance needs for that particular operation is fulfilled. If you are planning to overclock your PC, you will need to consider how high the CPU can drive the clock speed.

  • Manufacturing Tech

The size of the chip can significantly improve or decrease the performance of the CPU. Modern-day chips can be as small as 14nm. The smaller, the chip the lesser power it requires. Notice that AM3+CPUs use 32nm technology. They are not the smallest chips, and you will notice this with the power requirement. This is something you have to contend with for the multiple-thread performance.

  • TDP-Power Consumption

The amount of power that an AM3+CPU uses will reflect on its performance. Since AM3+CPUs are designed for overclockers and demanding gaming operations, they may require more power which in turn translates to higher temperatures. You will want an AM3+ processor that is efficient on power without increasing its temperature.

Best AM3+ CPU Review- Our Verdict

There you have it; this list provides the best AM3+CPU for various needs. We have found that the FX-8350 is the best performing AM3+ CPU owing to several features. It is a dedicated CPU for overclocking and more so, gaming needs. It can transform your PC into a multipurpose powerhouse since it can handle advanced 3D gaming, complex 3D modeling, and HD video editing.

This CPU can go to 5.0GHz speeds with the help of a proper cooling system. It is compatible with AMD’s cooling solutions, and it comes with a heat sink, fan, and a thermal paste is already applied to the heat sink.

FX-8350 is reasonably priced considering it is an 8-core processor.

But if you are not content with this model, you have four other great choices from the FX-9590 for PC builders to the FX-8370 for consumer desktops.

With an AM3+CPU you are guaranteed excellent performance. We hope you will pick your next processor from the AM3+CPUs on this list.


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